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Yume 2kki:Content Contribution Guidelines

A set of guidelines for non-Japanese speaking developers, as well for developers who don't have access to posting on 5ch due to lacking premium pass or a Japanese IP.

Originally written by 2i9 of the Yume 2kki production team, translated by BSL and +0 Abyss.


Yume 2kki is a massive project, maintaining which in order is no simple task. However, it is also a collaborative project open to everyone willing to cooperate. In spirit of that, a set of guidelines for developers not speaking Japanese was devised. Make sure to follow those for a good experience of contributing content to the game!



In order for overseas[1] developers to join the production of Yume 2kki, either of these rules must be followed:

  1. The overseas dev collaborates with an active producer on the team and sends the update content to them. Japanese producer (referred to as "proxy" in this case) will then post the update on the other party's behalf.
  2. The compiled maps, graphics, sounds and BGM are uploaded onto the game's content repository[2] (aka, "loader"). From there, an active producer may volunteer to implement the content in the game.

Furthermore, these policies must be observed:

Rules Concerning Tools

You should use RPG Maker 2000 when editing Yume 2kki. Other tools (such as RPG Maker 2003 and WOLF RPG Editor) cannot be used to edit maps for Yume 2kki.

Rules Concerning Expression

These expressions (e.g. content) should not be used when editing maps for Yume 2kki.

  • Political expression
  • Pornographic expression
  • Religious expression
  • Excessively violent expression
  • Expressions that infringe the copyrights of others
  • Expressions reminiscent of real events (except historical events)

Rules for Editing

  1. Editing maps created by other authors is prohibited as maps you want to edit are not subject to Six-Month Rule, however, this section does not apply to maps where editing permissions have been granted by their original authors.
  2. Don't create events such as:
  • Battle Events
  • Events that change Urotsuki's level or parameters

Six-Month Rule

  1. Anyone can edit a map if the original author has not updated it for more than six months. However, when editing a map, it should be done with respect to the original author's idea(s).
  2. When you edit a map created by another developer based on this rule, the changes should be kept to a minimum.
  3. The following maps are not subject to the Six-Month Rule and are protected:


About General Rule #1:

  • Do understand that a proxy developer has no obligation to implement the content as-is. In an event of submitted update breaking compatibility or breaking any other development guidelines, the proxy update may be cancelled.

About General Rule #2:

  • Once again, the production team is under no obligation to apply content of the submissions to the game. Content posted on the loader may be omitted simply because no one of the developers has time to implement it.
  • The overseas developer must supply map files with additional text file called "settings.txt". This file should explain setting of 2kki-specific options (example provided below). Changes involving map counting trigger as well track listing in Sound Room will be carried out separately.

Template for "settings.txt"

Created by <name>
Twitter: @<twitter>
Discord: <handle>#%4d
(at least one communication channel is necessary)
Map ID: #
Tileset: <filename>
BGM: <filename>
 [BGM]Fade-in time:
Background panorama:
 [BG]Vertical movement: Y/N
 [BG]Horizontal movement: Y/N
 [BG]Scroll speed: %d
Map looping: horizontal/vertical/both/none
Bat warp: Y/N
Penguin slide: Y/N
Tissue is usable: Y/N
Underwater map: Y/N
Entry point: (%d;%d)
Accessed from: MAP ID

(repeat for every map in the batch)


Developed by UROTSUKI


MapID : MAP0001
Tileset : UROTSUKI_chip_1.png
BGM : ym2-00_ano deskwork.wav
 [BGM]Fade-in time : 0
 [BGM]Volume: 80%
 [BGM]Tempo: 100
Background panorama : UROTSUKI_panorama_1.png
 [BG]Vertical movement: yes
 [BG]Horizontal movement: no
 [BG]Scroll speed: -2
Map looping: Only vertical
Bat warp: No
Penguin slide: Yes
Tissue is usable: Yes
Underwater map: No
Entry point: (012,180)
Accessed from: MAP0292
Memo : This map cannot use bat effect because it uses screen tint effect.
A common switch is used at (082,097).


  1. "overseas" in this context means any country that isn't Japan.
  2. See this page for details on game's repositories.