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    Answered Prayers:Answered Prayers Wiki

    Answered Prayers Title Screen

    Welcome to the Answered Prayers Wiki.

    About Answered Prayers

    "It deals with memories, loneliness, fear, isolation, spirits, shovels, and other stuff."

    This wiki is for Answered Prayers, a Yume Nikki fan game. The game follows a girl by the name of Fluorette exploring the Spirit Realm with her prayers. It has a unique design and creative concepts that allow it to stand out from other fan games. The game is currently unfinished, but can still be download here: http://fluorette.yolasite.com/

    According to a playthrough of the game with dev commentary, the title of the game is inspired by the song Answered Prayers by David Sylvian.

    Please help us explore, discover, and record this game!

    As of June 2022, developer Klaufir has returned to the game after many years and has planned to update areas such as the City and the Game Boy World.

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    Arrow Keys - Move

    Z - Interact

    X/Esc - Menu

    1 - Use Prayer

    9 - Return to Real World