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    Mikan Muzou:Mikan Muzou Wiki

    Welcome to the Mikan Muzou Wiki!

    A guide to everything in Mikan Muzou that anyone can edit!

    About Mikan Muzou

    Mikan Muzou (未完夢像 (みかんむぞう), Unfinished Dream) is a Japanese Yume Nikki Fangame created by Harinezumi, the same person who created Debris Dream. It features darker themes similar to Yume Graffiti and Broken Bottles, and was developed in RPG Maker 2000. You play as a young man named Soutarou. Soutarou's reason for staying in his apartment is unclear, but his dreams may indicate a dark (potentially criminal) past.

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    Gameplay Controls

    Arrow keys - Walk/Navigate menu

    X/Esc - Open/Close menu

    Z - Interact/Select

    Shift - Use Effect



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