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Yume Wiki is the top information source surrounding Yume Nikki and its fangames: cataloguing the thousands of worlds and characters, providing maps and directions, sharing trivia and theories, and much more.

Yume Wiki was started as a collaborative effort by the members of the Yume Nikki Online Project, an open-source site that allows users to play Yume Nikki and some of its more popular fangames online, powered by EasyRPG. YNOproject expands the game experience with live chat, map information, exploration parties, achievements, expeditions, and guided tours.

Help is needed to make Yume Wiki as complete as it can be. Much of its content was originally forked from wikis hosted on Fandom, which may be out of date or in need of a rewrite. Discussion about the project and the wiki can generally be found on the YNOproject Discord server. Anyone is welcome to play, chat, and contribute!

Additionally, pages surrounding all kinds of other fangames can be found on the Yume Nikki Fangames Wiki. Check it out!