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Yume Tsushin:Yume Tsushin Wiki

Welcome to the Yume Tsushin Wiki!


Yume Tsushin is a Yume Nikki fangame developed by <°(((< in 2023, featuring Wormiko (虫虫子), a young girl living in an apartment building in the middle of a snowy, silent town, where the player takes her role and wanders her dream world, witnessing what it has in store.

In the process of exploring these dreams, you can find Effects scattered across them, which you can equip via a phone dial menu. These effects may either be cosmetic or functional, bearing different actions that Wormiko can perform through their use, and can possibly aid you in discovering certain secrets or getting past some hurdles. Wormiko's dream world isn't a lonely place to explore, with numerous inhabitants whom you may come across.

Being a Yume Nikki fangame, the core of the game's experience lies in the thrill of discovery. Players are highly encouraged to explore most of the game before consulting the wiki, since spoilers abound. Furthermore, there may be instances of disturbing imagery that you may encounter, so player discretion is also advised.

Gameplay Controls

Arrow Keys - Player and menu navigation

Z/Space Bar/Enter - Interact/confirm menu action

X/C/V/B/N/Esc - Cancel menu action

Shift - Use effect action

9 - Wake up

Menu-exclusive Controls

0 - Quit game

1 - View instructions

3 - Return to Wormiko's Room (when in the real world)