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She Awaits:She Awaits Wiki

Welcome to the She Awaits Wiki!

About She Awaits

She Awaits is a Yume Nikki fangame developed by rayinpixels in 2019 with RPG Maker 2003, originally as a submission for Dream Diary Jam 3 featuring a lady named Noelia, where you take her role and witness what her dream world has in store. In addition to exploring these worlds, there are cards based on the Major Arcana, scattered along the way, which not only grant Noelia different special abilities that may prove useful to revealing the dream world's many secrets, but also serve as costumes that alter her appearance.

While She Awaits is fully playable, it is currently undergoing development, with more content in the future to come. This wiki is made to fulfill the goal of guiding players in finding their way around should they ever get lost, or to help them find out what they are missing. Because of this, the wiki contains spoilers, so it is advised to have experienced most of the game before consulting it thoroughly.

Gameplay Controls

Arrow Keys - Player and menu navigation

Shift - Trigger a Card's action

Z/Space Bar/Enter - Interact/confirm menu action

X/C/V/B/N/Esc - Cancel menu action



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