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Collective Unconscious:Collective Unconscious Wiki

Welcome to the Collective Unconscious Wiki!

About Collective Unconscious

Collective Unconscious is a collaborative Yume Nikki fangame by members of the Yume Nikki Online Project (YNOproject) community, in development since 2022 and released in 2024 for play online through YNOproject. It features Minnatsuki, a mysterious character who wanders the spirit world: a dream-like realm inhabited by all sorts of otherworldly beings.

Throughout your journey around the spirit world, you can find Eidola that not only alter Minnatsuki's appearance, but also provide abilities that may help you get past different obstacles or uncover secrets. Much like other collaborative Yume Nikki fangames, Collective Unconscious has something for the completionist or the explorer in you, such as unlockables and the game's wide gamut of environments to explore. Being an online Yume Nikki fangame, you can go on trips to these places with fellow players, making friends along the way and discovering what the game has to offer, together.

This wiki intends to help players navigate the game's content in all its vastness, and with the abundance of unmarked spoilers, it is highly recommended for players to have played as much as the game as possible before consulting the wiki.

Play it here today!

Gameplay Controls

Arrow Keys - Player and menu navigation

Z/Space Bar/Enter - Interact/confirm menu action

X/C/V/B/N/Esc - Cancel menu action

Shift - Change navigation speed

Shift (hold) + Arrow Keys - Turn in place

1 - Primary effect action

3 - Seconday effect action

5 - Gestures menu

9 - Wake up




There are many ways for anyone to contribute to the wiki.

If you wish to contribute to the Collective Unconscious wiki, but need to extract some of the info and assets (event details, music tracks, generating maps...), you can join the Collective Unconscious Discord server and request the Spirit Key and Archeologist roles. This will give you access to the developer build.