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Yume Tagai:Yume Tagai Wiki

Welcome to the Yume Tagai Wiki!


Yume Tagai is a Yume Nikki fangame developed by Hinamokke in 2019, with WOLF RPG Editor. In this game, you take the role of Makitsuki, and later on, Sakiyuki, as you explore their dream worlds. Just like Yume Nikki, the player collects Effects located all over these dream worlds, in addition to discovering events hidden within them.

The wiki's purpose is to help players in navigating the game and discovering what has been missed the first time. Because of this, there will be spoilers present throughout, so it is advised that players go through most of the game before consulting the wiki.

The game is in development, with additions and changes to come in future versions. As such, information on the wiki is also subject to change.

Gameplay Controls

Arrow Keys - Player and menu navigation

Z/Space Bar/Enter - Interact/confirm menu action

X/Backspace/Esc - Open menu/cancel menu action

Shift/C - Use effect

Q - Wake up, shift between characters (if in the real world and Sakiyuki is playable)