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    Welcome to the Cerasus Wiki!

    A database dedicated to documenting all things found in Cerasus.

    ⚠️This wiki will contain spoilers. Please play through as much of Cerasus as you can yourself before going through this wiki!⚠️

    🌸Admin Note🌸:
    This wiki is still a huge work in progress! Lots of links will be broken, but will be created very soon! Please bear with me as I work hard to add more content. :)

    About Cerasus

    Cerasus is a Yume Nikki fangame currently in development made by SpectrumW (aka Mirabolantes-256), created in RPG Maker MV. It focuses on a kidnapped dolorian named Reshnha and his journey through the Dream World as he collects effects, songs, pwee dolls, and gummies in order to escape back to the real world.

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