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Dream Genie:Dream Genie Wiki: Revision history

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7 October 2023

28 September 2023

  • curprev 01:3501:35, 28 September 2023YouArentDistorted talk contribs 3,401 bytes +3,401 Created page with "=='''<center>Welcome to the {{PAGENAME}}!</center>'''== <div style="text-align:center"><h4 class="front-page-heading"><span class="front-page-heading__text"><big>'''About Dream Genie'''</big></span></h4></div> <div style="display: inline-block; text-align: left"> '''Dream Genie''' (梦鬼, ''Mèng Guǐ'', lit. ''Dream Ghost'') is a Yume Nikki fangame developed by TanDen___ ☄ in 2012 with RPG Maker 2003, featuring a young girl named Dre..."