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    Revision as of 22:35, 22 August 2023 by JIVV (talk | contribs)
    Deep Dreams Mariana .png
    Basic Info
    Meaning Unknown
    Age Unknown
    Gender Female
    Appearance +
    Hair Not specified
    Eyes Not specified
    Shirt Not specified

    Mariana is the main protagonist of Deep Dreams and the character the player controls throughout the whole game.


    Mariana Sprite S.png

    Mariana is a human girl, probably around the same age as the average YNFG protagonist (around Madotsuki's). Her hair is completely black, with a ponytail seen on the right side of her head (from Mariana's perspective). She has the usual blank expression and closed (or squinted) eyes like most protagonists, however, her eyes are confirmed to be brown by an artwork made by the author. She wears a gray hoodie/sweater, with no recognizable pattern on the front of her clothes. She also wears a black skirt and uses sandals instead of shoes.