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Deep Dreams:Menu Themes

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Pretty much like most YNFGs, Deep Dreams also has a wide variety of different menu themes the player can collect and equip. This game offers 5 different menu themes, aside from the default one.

Menu Themes


System kaleidoscope.png

Location: Cathedral

Description: From the entrance to Lamp Forest, go directly right until you see a corridor with many doors, enter the fourth one and interact with the little butterfly.


System arabian.png

Location: Palace

Description: From the entrance, Take the only doorway you see, then on the next room take the bottom doorway to your left. Take the first doorway to your left again and interact with the sparkling bottle.


System spiderlily.png

Location: Red River

Description:From the entrance to Dark Eden, take the path to the left at the first fork, then the first path to the south, then ignore the path to your right and take the uppermost path you see, go down where it forks, take the path to your left, go up where it forks, then take the second path downward. You'll be in a spiral pathway, interact with the golden flower at the end. (Since you're here, take the oportunity to see the Hellflower event).


System rainbow.png

Location: Rainbow Scratch Park

Description: From the entrance to the Neon Sewers, go right until you see two bathroms surrounded by a fence, enter the one on the right and interact with the flashing flower.


System crystaline.png

Location: Crystal Cavern

Description: From the entrance to Red River, just explore the crystal cavern until you find another Mariana, floating in the waters, interact with her.