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Deep Dreams:Cathedral

Deep dreams cathedral .png
Basic Info



Kaleidoscope Menu Theme

Events None
Notable NPCs Phantom Woman, Koi Fish, Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Ghostly Mariana
Connecting Areas

Lamp Forest
Dream District
Train Station


Map ID 0010, 0013, 0018, 0048
Annotated map of the area.

The Cathedral is an area accessible from the Golden Garden sub-area of the Lamp Forest.


The Cathedral is a big, slightly dark building, the light from the exterior enters through the stained glass windows, causing the rays of light to acquire all sorts of colors. The flooring has a distinctive checkered pattern, and there are also some water pools here and there.

From the entrance to the Lamp Forest, going to the left only leads to a series of water pools enclosed by metal fences and a Phantom Woman near the piano in the upper left corner of the room.

Going to the right instead leads to a long corridor with 5 doors, ending in a small room with a Ghostly Mariana, sitting in fetal position on a bench, illuminated by the rays of light coming from the window at the right. The doors previously mentioned (from left to right) lead to the following areas:

  • The first door takes you to the chapel. Aside from seeing another phantom creature wandering through the place, there's nothing much to do here.
  • The second door takes you to a room only containing one big water pool.
  • The third door takes you to a big room with another water pool, this one covers mostly the upper left section of the room. Inside the pool, there is an amorphous creature flashing colors Psychidelic Creature.png swimming on the water, by taking the right door you'll end up at the left door at the intersection directly south of the Cathedral's entrance.
  • The fourth door takes you to a small room. A butterfly Stained Glass Butterfly.png is in this room, flying around. Interacting with this creature gives Mariana the Kaleidoscope Menu Theme.
  • The fifth door takes you to a big area known as the Water Garden.

South of the entrance, there is a small intersection leading to a corridor with two doors at both extremes. The one at the left takes you back to the third room mentioned on the list above, and the door to the right takes you to the Dream District.

If you keep going down, you'll reach the biggest area of the Cathedral. This area also has two small corridors to the left and to the right, ending in a door. The door at the left takes you back to the Dream District, and the one at the right takes you to the Train Station.


Nexus → Lamp Forest → Cathedral