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    <div style="text-align: center;">
    {{#ev:youtube|8p4EY8LVcpg|dimensions=320x180|alignment=inline|description=How to find the Frog in Forest World.|container=frame}}{{#ev:youtube|TzlvlIrAkP0|dimensions=320x180|alignment=inline|description=How to find the Frog in the Dense Woods B.|container=frame}}
    {{#ev:youtube|8p4EY8LVcpg|320x180|inline|How to find the Frog in Forest World.}}
    {{#ev:youtube|TzlvlIrAkP0|320x180|inline|How to find the Frog in the Dense Woods B.}}
    [[Category:Yume Nikki Characters]]
    [[Category:Yume Nikki Characters]]
    [[Category:Yume Nikki Effect NPCs]]
    [[Category:Yume Nikki Effect NPCs]]

    Latest revision as of 11:31, 9 July 2024

    Basic Info
    Role Gives the Frog effect
    Collectibles None
    Events None

    Forest World
    Dense Woods B

    Size Small
    Killable? Yes

    The Frog is an effect NPC that can be encountered in the northwest of Forest World and in the Dense Woods B Frog Path.


    Interacting with the Frog for the first time will give the player the Frog effect. After receiving the effect, they ignore the player with the exception of their normal reactions to the Cat, Knife, and Stoplight effects.


    • It is one of the two effect NPCs that appears more than once in the game, with the other being the Guillotine, although the two Guillotines are found in the same world, unlike the Frog.
    • The code of both frogs is exactly identical.



    How to find the Frog in Forest World.
    How to find the Frog in the Dense Woods B.