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    Collective Unconscious:Eidola

    Eidola (Eidolon in singular) are special forms that Minnatsuki can acquire around the spirit world. They give the player unique abilities along with cosmetic changes. They are the equivalent of effects as seen in other fangames. There are 8 of them that Minnatsuki can collect.



    Soulfire faceset.png

    Your soul burns within a wooden idol.

    Appearance: Minnatsuki's face is distorted as their arms are now turned into burning soulfire. Flames crackle from their hair, shoulders, and shirt pattern.

    Passive Effect: Lights up certain dark areas, making it easier to navigate.

    Action: Upon pressing the '1' key, Minnatsuki will sit down, retracting their legs and extinguishing the flames surrounding their body. When using the 'Z' to interact with certain NPCs, they will be engulfed by a pillar of soulfire, killing them, and occasionally causing them to drop some amount of Luna.

    Location: Granted temporarily in the corridor at the end of the maze within Sky Mausoleum by interacting with the wooden idol surrounded by four dormant Idolons. In order to obtain the Eidolon permanently, Minnatsuki must then successfully escape by immediately turning back and burning down one of the obstacles that blocks their path, without being caught by the now active Idolon chasers, who will send Minnatsuki back to the beginning of the maze.



    The void is calling you home.

    Appearance: Minnatsuki becomes dark with a purple aura surrounding them, the pattern on their chest becomes purple.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: Pressing the '1' key allows Minnatsuki to teleport back to the Nexus. This can be configured in the Options menu to require holding down the '1' key for a brief period.

    Location: Granted temporarily after completing the maze and interacting with the shadow orb within Void Cenotaph. In order to obtain the Eidolon permanently, the '1' key must be pressed or held to teleport back to the Nexus in time before Minnatsuki becomes engulfed by the darkness and sent back to a previous room.


    Rodentia faceset.png

    *squeak squeak*

    Appearance: Minnatsuki gains a pair of rat ears and a rat tail. They may also transform into a small, brown rat. There is a rare chance that Minnatsuki will turn into a white rat instead of a brown rat when transforming (this has no effect on gameplay).

    Passive Effect: Can pass through some small gaps while in the small rat form.

    Action: Upon pressing the '1' key, Minnatsuki transforms into a rat, becoming smaller in size. While climbing certain ladders in this smaller form, facing towards an adjacent ladder and pressing the 'Z' key may cause Minnatsuki to jump horizontally onto the adjacent ladder.

    Location: Found in the City, located in the northwestern alley outside of the convenience store. Upon interacting with the dumpster at the alley's end, the Rat King will emerge and grant the Eidolon.


    Minna lumen faceset.png

    Your inner light guides you.

    Appearance: Minnatsuki becomes a sky blue, gelatinous creature that resembles a humanoid jellyfish wearing a long dress, with thin tentacles adorning their head. Thin rainbow stripes flank the sides of the dress, and a white, circular marking decorates the chest. A white ribbon dangles from the back. Minnatsuki rhythmically bobs up and down in this form, as if floating.

    Passive Effect: Lights up certain dark areas, making it easier to navigate. Also enables flight over some ordinarily impassable terrain. Minnatsuki makes a different sound as they move, rather than the usual footstep sound.

    Action: None.

    Location: Found within Jellyfish World after interacting with the orb of light beside the Fallen Jellyfish.



    It's only with the heart that one can see rightly.

    Appearance: Minnatsuki becomes a child, wearing a blue shirt and gray skirt.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: Allows you to see certain hidden objects. Also works to go through smaller entrances like Rodentia.

    Location: Found in the Surreal Zoo by interacting with the Lost Child.


    Minna spectral faceset.png

    Enigmatic optics to observe beyond the veil.

    Appearance: Minnatsuki becomes a pale, floating wraith-like figure with a gaping maw and white hair. Their head is crowned by an arc of five pink eyeballs with dark pupils which will always face forward no matter which way Minnatsuki is facing. They wear a tattered, eggshell-colored cloth which flutters softly and is decorated with a pink eyeball design over the chest. When taking a seat, the cloth will collapse into a shallow pile, as if Minnatsuki's body has disappeared, leaving only the head.

    Passive Effect: Allows you to see certain hidden objects. Also enables flight over some ordinarily impassable terrain. Minnatsuki makes a different sound as they move, rather than the usual footstep sound.

    Action: None.

    Location: Found in a large chamber deep within Subterranean Stadium by interacting with the Spectral Being.


    Minna climate 1 faceset.png
    Minna climate 2 faceset.png
    Minna climate 3 faceset.png

    Three spirits in one, commanding the weather.

    Appearance: Minnatsuki's appearance changes with the different forms the Eidolon takes. For sunny weather, Minnatsuki turns yellow and orange, sporting two large horns atop their head. For rainy weather, Minnatsuki turns blue, wears a long dress, and has longer, more frilled-out hair. For snowy weather, Minnatsuki turns pale gray, sports a bob cut, and has ribbons decorating their hair and back.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: When the '1' key is pressed, Minnatsuki shifts through three different weather variants, these being sunny, rainy, and snowy, cycling back to sunny after snowy. When the '3' key is pressed, the surrounding weather changes to clear, raining, or snowing respectively.

    Location: Found at the top of the Frozen Tower upon combining the items given by the three Weather Spirits, also found in the Sun Reactor and Rainstorm City. The Weather Spirits are automatically encountered on the route to the top of the Frozen Tower.


    Minna kalimba 2 faceset.png

    Your music echoes within the spirit world.

    Appearance: Minnatsuki wears a black outfit with a small headpiece. Kalimba tines also appear on Minnatsuki's head and back. Minnatsuki also holds either a kalimba or a guitar in this form, depending on which instrument is currently equipped.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: A small screen displaying a keyboard appears on the top of the screen, allowing the player to play the current instrument they have. The keyboard utilizes the number keys (1 to 0) and bracket keys ([ and ]). By using the left, down, and right arrow keys, the player can change the octave at which the instrument is played. Pressing 'X' exits this screen. Pressing the '3' key allows Minnatsuki to change their instrument between a kalimba and a guitar.

    Location: Obtained in Star Pillar World after interacting with Kalimboy.

    Eidola Combinations

    Collective Unconscious youth+rat.png
    Collective unconscious rat+youth.png

    Youth + Rodentia

    Youth and Rodentia can be combined together, with the appearance differing depending on which Eidolon is equipped first. Equipping Youth and then Rodentia results in Minnatsuki having rat ears and a tail, similar to Rodentia by itself. Rodentia and then Youth results in Minnatsuki having a much more rat-like appearance, with brown fur and a rat nose.