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    Yume Nikki:Pissipissini

    Basic Info
    Role None
    Collectibles None
    Events None

    Dark World

    Size Standard
    Killable? No

    The Pissipissini are standard NPCs that can be found in Dark World.


    The Pissipissini are black, blob-like creatures with purple outlines and two large, red ring eyes. There are three of them found around Dark World and are more clearly seen with the Lamp effect.

    They simply move around Dark World at a slow pace, though they will have some unique reactions to effects. When the Cat effect is used, their eyes will roll back to look upward while they move. When the Knife effect is equipped, they will turn invisible and quickly flee in a straight line away from Madotsuki. They also become invincible to the Knife effect while invisible, although their collision is still present (this is easily experienced if a Pissipissini is backed into a solid object, such as the Wilderness gate).