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    Basic Info
    Role None
    Collectibles None
    Events None

    Number World

    Size Standard
    Killable? Yes

    The Wheelies are a type of NPC found in Number World.


    The Wheelies all resemble round, colored faces with two humanoid legs sticking out from them. They can be found in the first room of Number World and the Stabbing Room. There are four different variations of Wheelie:

    • The first type has a flashing red face with largely humanoid features. It has a nose, mouth, and two red eyes. It can be found in the northwestern corner of the map.
    • The second type is dark green and has a strange design for a face consisting of a ring connecting three diamonds, surrounding a fourth diamond shape. It can be found in the northeastern corner of the map.
    • The third type is dark pink and has a singular eye that looks back and forth. Many instances of this type flood the Stabbing Room.
    • The fourth type is lime green with a twisted face consisting of two red eyes and a splotch that appears to be some sort of nose or mouth. It can be found in front of the door to the Stabbing Room and must be moved with the Cat or Knife effects.

    Each of the Wheelies will change appearance when the Cat or Stoplight effects are used near them. When the Cat effect is used, the first and fourth variants will appear to be happy, the second variant will have more diamonds on its face design, and the third variant will have its pupil alternate between thick and thin states. When the Stoplight effect is used, all of their appearances will distort heavily, causing the first three varieties to entirely change color as well as causing all of the variant's legs to point outward instead of forward.