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Original Japanese

  • Latest Version: 0.123c

[Version History]

The unofficial patches and mirrors are only recommended for those encountering slow connections, limited data allowance, or incompatibility with respect to file formats (e.g. self-extracting *.exe files).

EasyRPG Translation Guide

This is a feature for EasyRPG that makes it possible to easily switch languages in-game. This is highly recommended over using the Old Translations in the following section, or the unofficial mirrors above, since those are old versions of the game.

Languages available in addition to Japanese are: English, Spanish, French, Korean, Portuguese-Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Vietnamese and Chinese.

To set it up, follow the steps below:

  1. Follow the Installation Instructions to install and play Yume 2kki using EasyRPG
  2. Go to ynotranslations, click on "Code" then "Download ZIP" to download the file "ynotranslations-master.zip"
  3. Extract this ZIP file, locate the folder "2kki", copy and paste it in the game folder and rename to "Language"
  4. Open the game through EasyRPG and on the title screen select "Translation" or "言語" and then your preferred language.

Note: Update your language folder whenever there are new translated assets in your language.

Old Translations

English Translations

  • Vezon's Translation
  • wolfen's Translation
  • English Menu Patch
    • Supported Version: 0.101
    • Installation
    • Self-extracting: Place self-extracting patch in folder containing RPG_RT files and then run.
    • ZIP: Extract files in folder containing RPG_RT, overwriting when prompted.
  • TWENTY's Translation

Spanish Translations

  • Gatoduende's Translation

Chinese Translations

  • Drifter's Translation
    • Latest Version: 0.118 + Patch 1
  • 飛揚寒星 (fcoldstar)'s Translation
    • Latest Version: 0.104g

Submission Guidelines

If you would like to submit a patch or mirror, please use the 7z format. Many other archive formats can cause issues with differing encodings, while 7z enforces Unicode.

Wallpaper Downloads

A set of vectorized wallpapers from Yume 2kki. (1600x1200) (uboachan) Includes computer & dream wallpapers up to version 0.094.

Computer wallpapers Set 1

Computer wallpapers Set 2

Dream wallpapers Set 1

Mediafire Mirrors

Computer wallpapers Set 2

Dream wallpapers Set 1

Other Non-vectored wallpapers

Dream Wallpapers from 0.100

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