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Yume 2kki:Forgotten Town

Forgotten Town
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Shitau Wasure no Machi
Town of Forgetfulness



Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Jumbotron Hub
Starfield Garden
Enigmatic World


夕砂_byやわらか (No. 646)

Map ID 1369, 1370
Version Added 0.114e
Author Nantai

Forgotten Town is an area accessible from one of the monitors in Jumbotron Hub.


This area is a small, looping map with a sand floor. There are six rows of seven yellow houses present, the majority of them having closed doors, but some of them have no doors at all and can be entered. Both ends of each row of houses end with a small cylindrical pillar with some writing on it. There is also a gray road marking the looping point of the map.

There is only one type of NPC in this area: faceless dark figures with blonde hair and red dresses that infinitely roam the area horizontally.

The first thing seen upon entering this world is the inside of a house, with the same pillars from outside, a monitor leading back to the Jumbotron Hub, and a door out to the town. The other doors present in the town lead to a room with a ladder that when climbed goes to Starfield Garden, and to a room housing an unusual green block with a sad expression on its face that when interacted with, leads to the Enigmatic World.


Map of the Forgotten Town

Nexus → Rock WorldStarfield Garden → Forgotten Town

Nexus → Rock WorldRainbow Tiles MazeJumbotron Hub → Forgotten Town