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    Yume 2kki:Sands of Self

    Sands of Self
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Masks Chicken, Sludge
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Pillar Ark
    Burial Depths NoReturn➡️
    Blue Apartments NoEntry

    BGM fd-timefixed (No. 734D)
    Map ID 2272, 2297
    Version Added 0.122f
    Last Updated 0.123g patch 4
    Author Bean

    Sands of Self is a world accessible from Pillar Ark.

    Annotated map of Sands of Self.


    The Sands of Self is an expansive desert featuring strange purple pillars and even stranger NPCs that bear a resemblance to Urotsuki, albeit, deformed in odd ways.

    Southwest from the entrance is a snail Urotsuki next to a door that brings you to Burial Depths A. If you immediately use the door again, it will take you to Blue Apartments, or back to this world if you use the door once more. If you leave the small area that the door is in, you will need to slide back up to it with the Penguin effect.

    Most NPCs do not move aside from two that constantly follow the player around at a slow pace. One is a larger and wider Urotsuki with a flattened head, and the other is a more normal looking Urotsuki with subtly odd proportions.

    The larger Urotsuki will react to the Twintails effect, making her blush slightly. She also responds to the Crossing effect, making her stop chasing you for as long as the effect is active. The smaller one with odd proportions will only react to the Chainsaw effect, which makes her melt and turn into one of the many crystalline pillars found in the area.

    Two masks can be obtained here - Heading directly up from the Pillar Ark entrance past the giant Urotsuki and the Snail will lead to one laying on the ground pulling its own mouth open, tongue rolling out. Interacting with it to try and crawl in will instead grant you the Sludge mask, turning Urotsuki into some sort of melted slime creature. Further north, still, from this Urotsuki, is a suspiciously not-Urotsuki-like chicken. Interacting with it will grant the Chicken mask, which puts Urotsuki in a chicken-shaped onesie with a hood. One screen left of the chicken NPC is a red cabinet with a four-pane window, which allows you to store and retrieve masks across multiple dream sessions. Each takes up one of four slots, and you can shuffle the storage order by rolling the Dice effect (You will always take out whichever one was put it last otherwise). Said cabinet can be found in many other worlds made by Bean, and storage is shared between each.

    To the right of the Sludge mask Urotsuki is a rectangular fence encasing an Urotsuki with almost perfect proportions - however, a giant crystal is protruding from her chest, and she does not respond to anything. North of this horrible scene, however, is a normal bench, and a giant vending machine-shaped Urotsuki. Making a purchase will always grant you an ice cream popsicle shaped like Urotsuki's head - with gumball eyes! Once again, further north, is a very tiny Urotsuki flanked by small crystals. Chainsawing it results in multiple loud, horrendous noises being played, including a painfully long sample of a baby crying. Urotsuki will be trapped in a small garden shaped like her own head, and cannot escape without waking up or using the Eyeball Bomb. Doing so will not cancel the baby crying noise.