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    Yume 2kki:Spear Tribe World

    Spear Tribe World
    Spear tribe world sad.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Yari Minzoku no Sekai
    Spear Tribe World

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Subterranean Research Center
    Dark Bunker
    Maniacal Faces Zone

    BGM kappa_15 (Main area) (No. 518B)
    kaze (Overgrown Stone Area) (No. 552)
    Map ID 1655, 1773
    Version Added 0.117g patch 1
    Last Updated 0.123b patch 4
    Primary Author Horatsuki
    Contributing Author(s) Autumn

    The Spear Tribe World is an area accessible from the southern section of the Subterranean Research Center.

    Map of Spear Tribe World


    The Spear Tribe World is a looping area, inhabited by masked humanoid figures holding spears, as the name suggests. In addition to this area's primary inhabitants, there are some points of interest such as a four-colored object isolated by conic structures, as well as a drum that you can stand on with the Spring effect that you can also interact with to teleport to the Dark Bunker, in addition to plant-like creatures with masks. Straight north from the Dark Bunker entrance is a twitching face on the ground that leads to Maniacal Faces Zone. There is also a pair of stones with plants that have grown on them that takes the player to the Overgrown Stone Area (繁茂, Lush).

    To find the Overgrown Stone Area, from the entrance to the level, go south until you see a white tribe member. From there, go west until you see a circle of cones. Go to the south end of the circle and go south until you see a large green cone. Next to it is the sub area entrance.

    Overgrown Stone Area

    This is a large looping area that is filled with stones that appear to have mossy vine-like plants covering their surfaces. In addition, puddles are scattered about the area that have these same plants within them, and water can be seen at the bases of the stones. An oversized pair of gardening shears found shortly north of the entrance bears the same overgrowth.

    Just northeast of the entrance is a girl with long red hair wearing a yellow shirt and blue shoes, who makes a soft sound upon interaction. While using the Insect or Marginal effect, her movement will speed up and she will follow the player around. On the other hand, she will flee quickly when the Chainsaw effect is equipped. If she is chainsawed, she will brandish a pair of tools and she will become a faceless chaser. Once caught by her, the player is transported to a closed-off area of the map that now features a large Urotsuki entangled in vines, which changes appearance with the Marginal effect.


    With the Fairy, Child, Grave, or Dice effect:


    • The Overgrown Stone Area and the red-haired girl NPC inhabiting it are based off of TV screen #7.