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Dream Genie:3D Mecha Path

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3D Mecha Path
Screeenshot- 3D Mecha Path.png
Basic Info



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Streetlights Corner
Pixelated Fish
Hall of Shadows


Map ID 0042, 0043, 0044, 0045, 0046, 0047

The 3D Mecha Path is an area accessible from a hidden pathway in the Streetlights Corner.


The main area is a narrow passage with many black, round robots hovering in the air nearby. A huge bipedal robot can be seen in the background, prowling a distant city and firing a laser.

Following the path left leads to a small walkway where a robot similar to the one stalking the previous area can be found, this time much closer to the railing. Upon entering this area, you can head right to a hidden door in the wall leading back to the previous passage or to the left which leads down a hall to a room with three colorful, cat-like NPCs in the corner. A button can be found on the wall near them. Pressing this button causes the room to briefly shake and change appearance. The cats will disappear and a black cube with red lines will be in their place. Interacting with it takes you to Pixelated Fish. You can also go back down the hall which will now take you to the Hall of Shadows.


Unreal Nexus → Feverish Monochrome MazeMonochrome TrailStreetlights Corner → 3D Mecha Path