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Mikan Muzou:Abandoned House

Abandoned House
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Barbed Wire Fence World
Dim Cave

BGM oto_31 (Bigger room)
Map ID 0087, 0088

The Abandoned House is an area accessible by interacting with the floating purple cube in the Barbed Wire Fence World.


The Abandoned House is a small, dilapidated wooden house with many holes in the floor and walls. The house is slightly dark; however, equipping the Black Cat effect makes it brighter and easier to see. Using the Black Cat, Case, or Clot effect causes red eyes to peek out from the holes.

Immediately visible are two doors. The door to the left is unreachable due to the holes in the way. The door to the right leads to a bigger room. In this larger room, a train track passes through the house and exits to the left and right, leading to the Dim Cave. Near the track lies a figure wrapped in a white blanket, and a table with a brown envelope on top. Interacting with the table gives you the Envelope effect.


The Nexus → Barbed Wire Fence World → Abandoned House