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    There are 14 different Effects in nostAlgic that A can collect. Effects provide an ability when equipped, altering A's appearance and capabilities. The effects are scattered in various places across the dream world. Collecting them all is the goal of the game.

    This page lists all of the different effects in nostAlgic, along with their locations and instructions on how to get them.


    Cow Hat


    Wear a stylish hat.


    Appearance: A wears a stylish hat with black and white markings, similar to the color of a cow's fur.

    Action: (Shift) A jumps in the air and the bell around their neck rings.

    Location: Obtained from the cow in the Milk Room of Breakfast World.

    Practical Uses: None.



    Take pictures with the Shift key.

    NostAlgic-Camera Effect.png

    Appearance: A wears a camera around their neck.

    Action: (Shift) A takes a picture, stopping the background music and most moving objects, including chasers.

    Location: Obtained in the Pink Seabed from a silver platter north and slightly west of the entrance from the Glass Forest.

    Practical Uses: It is useful in areas with chasers in, because it stops their movement and allows you to traverse the area safely, provided camera is still equipped, and you do not press shift again.

    Zero Gravity


    Become weightless.


    Appearance: A begins floating above the ground weightlessly.

    Passive Effect: A can walk over certain tiles.

    Location: Found in Pastel Space by interacting with the puppet and strings roughly north of the entrance from Tricolor Park.

    Practical Uses: It is useful for crossing into the space areas of Pastel Space, which is required for getting the Unicorn effect.

    Fruit Knife


    Handle with care!

    Nostalgic-FaceSet-Fruite Knife.png

    Appearance: A wields a fruit knife in their right hand.

    Action: (Upon interacting with certain objects) A slashes the interacted object with the fruit knife.

    Location: Obtained in the Juice Sea next to the Nexus door after draining juice from the area.

    Practical Uses: Can be used to attack and kill NPCs.



    Return to the Nexus with the Shift key.


    Appearance: A's head becomes a carnation.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Location: Found in Scarred Mirror World from the large carnation flower to the southwest of the entrance.

    Practical Uses: Can be used to return to the Nexus quickly without waking up. Useful for otherwise inescapable areas, such as Confection World or the isolated areas you are sent to after being caught by a chaser.



    Ride a speedy comet.


    Appearance: A rides on a flying comet.

    Passive Effect: A's movement speed increases, traveling at double their walking speed.

    Location: Obtained from the blue ball-shaped NPC in Cold Forest, just to the west of the Nexus entrance.

    Practical Uses: Can be used to traverse the dream world much more quickly.



    Be like a drawing.


    Appearance: A turns into a scribble.

    Passive Effect: ().

    Location: Obtained in the house found in Paper Plane World southwest of the entrance by going up the stairs and interacting with the drawing kid.

    Practical Uses: ().



    Become a tree.


    Appearance: Unsurprisingly, A turns into a tree.

    Passive Effect: ().

    Location: Found in Sleeping Garden after interacting with A's copy.

    Practical Uses: ().



    Tie a ribbon.


    Appearance: A ties their hair into a ponytail using a bright green ribbon.

    Passive Effect: ().

    Location: Found in Confection World after eating all of the confections scattered throughout the world, going into the candy tin next to entrance, and interacting with the red figure on top of the ribbon.

    Practical Uses: ().



    Become a fork.


    Appearance: A's head is replaced by a fork, as well as a fashionable bow tie.

    Passive Effect: ().

    Location: Found in Nursery Room by interacting with the fork that can be found south of the entrance from the Four Cats Path.

    Practical Uses: ().

    Fry Pan


    Hold a fry pan.


    Appearance: A wears a slightly too big apron, and holds a frying pan on their right hand.

    Passive Effect: ().

    Location: Found in Breakfast World by interacting with the giant frying pan that's right next to the Milk Room found in this world.

    Practical Uses: ().



    Become a unicorn.


    Appearance: A turns into a blue-haired white unicorn, with their shirt turning blue in the process.

    Passive Effect: ().

    Location: Found in Pastel Space by interacting with the unicorn found directly left to the south end of the island (note that getting there requires the Zero Gravity effect).

    Practical Uses: ().

    Pillow & Nightcap




    Appearance: A wears a pink nightcap, and carries a pillow of the same colour.

    Passive Effect: ().

    Location: Found in Sleeping Flowers after turning off the lights by sleeping on the northeastern bed of the cluster found at the left of the entrance, and interacting with the Tree of Dreams.

    Practical Uses: ().

    Clock Hand


    Let clock hands come out of you.


    Appearance: Diagonal clock hands of multiple colours come out of A's head and body.

    Passive Effect: ().

    Location: Found in Clock Giant's House by interacting with the clock giant.

    Practical Uses: ().