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    There are 15 effects in Oversomnia. Each effect is scattered throughout the dream world and occasionally requires other effects to obtain. Additionally, collecting the effects acts as one of the primary objectives of the game, ultimately leading to the game's ending.

    Effects change Irving's appearance and may grant abilities that offer gameplay benefits or get reactions from NPCs.


    Dust Bunny

    Become a dust bunny. Makes you lighter and faster.
    "Allows you to move faster."

    Dust Bunny effect

    Appearance: Irving's head turns into a brown dust bunny.

    Action: Irving hops in place.

    Location: Obtained from the large rabbit in Attic World's nazar sub-area.

    Practical Uses: Irving can travel the dream world faster.


    Become able to take blood from others.
    "Allows you to attack dream denizens. Killing organic things will give you blood (♥)."

    Vampirism effect

    Appearance: Irving wears a bat-themed cloak and hood.

    Action: The bat ears on Irving's hood wiggle.

    Location: From the large bat in an isolated section of the Gloomy Wetlands. Accessed via the Vampire's House in Rainy Village.

    Practical Uses: Irving can kill NPCs in the dream world and obtain money and blood (health) from them. It is also needed to get the Mobile Phone effect.


    Ride a scooter. A more orthodox way to go faster.
    "Allows you to move faster. It's also rather comfortable."

    Scooter effect

    Appearance: Irving rides a red moped scooter.

    Action: Irving honks the horn on the scooter.

    Location: Found in the Noble Gas District, southeast of the entrance from Road Sign World.

    Practical Uses: Irving can travel the dream world faster.

    Mobile Phone

    Hold a mobile phone. Allows you to call home.
    "Press SHIFT to return to the Nexus."

    Mobile Phone effect

    Appearance: Irving holds a blue mobile phone.

    Action: Irving dials on the phone, taking them back to the Nexus.

    Location: Pick up the phone found in an isolated section of Transmission Tower World, accessed via the dog in Sunset Hell.

    Practical Uses: Irving can return to the Nexus at will (e.g. escaping an isolated area).

    Tuning Fork

    Wield a tuning fork. Things may react to its use.
    "Pressing SHIFT can trigger reactions around certain creatures or locations."

    Tuning Fork effect

    Appearance: Irving wields a tuning fork.

    Action: Irving holds up the tuning fork, playing it as a green pulse is sent out.

    Location: Find the giant tuning fork found in the Sea Manor.

    Practical Uses: Pressing SHIFT will change some NPC's behavior temporarily. It is also needed to get both the Angler and Skeleton Key effects.


    Hold a bathyal lantern. Its odd light is alluring.
    "Gives you an odd lantern that lures some things closer when you press the SHIFT key."

    Angler effect

    Appearance: Irving wears a blue coat with a dark button-up shirt. They hold a lantern and have a fish hook going through their head.

    Action: Irving holds the lantern forward as it glows.

    Location: Found at the end of a tunnel in the Benthic World from a fish-like creature.

    Practical Uses: Attracts any NPCs closer to Irving. It is needed to get the Bed Hair effect.

    Bed Hair

    Get bed hair. Not much of a morning person...
    "Slows down some dream denizens."

    Bed Hair effect

    Appearance: Irving wears a set of blue slippers and striped pajamas, as well as gaining messy hair.

    Action: None.

    Location: Interact with the character at the tornado cliffside in the Weather Station.

    Practical Uses: Slow down NPC's movement.


    Become a deer. Allows you to jump some small gaps.
    "Allows you to jump over some small gaps.

    Deer effect

    Appearance: Irving grows a pair of deer antlers.

    Action: None.

    Location: Find the pan flute-playing character atop a hill in Boiling Water World.

    Practical Uses: Allows Irving to jump some gaps, usually those marked with hoofprints. It is needed to get the Bellhop effect.

    Skeleton Key

    Become a lockpick demon. Open the unopenable.
    "Reveals secret doors and allows you to enter some locked doors."

    Skeleton key effect

    Appearance: Irving's attire becomes black, white, and red. They now have white skin, red eyes, a devil's tail and horns, and wield a giant key.

    Action: None.

    Location: Interact with the character next to the giant shell on the Pink Beach.

    Practical Uses: Allows Irving to open locked or hidden doors. Can also be used as an alternate way to enter the Vampire's House.


    Become a statue. May protect you from danger.
    "Protects you from certain sources of danger. Can also reveal some secrets."

    Gargoyle effect

    Appearance: Irving turns into a gray stone statue with an added tail, wings, and horns.

    Action: None.

    Location: Find the gargoyle statue in the Ramparts.

    Practical Uses: When equipped, it may reveal hidden things within a world.


    Become a monster. Lets you mimic some creatures.
    "Allows you to shapeshift into certain things by interacting with them. Press SHIFT to return to normal."

    Wendigo effect

    Appearance: Irving turns into a wendigo, gaining a furry body with horns, claws, and a skull-like face.

    Action: Upon approaching certain dream denizens, Irving will transform into them. When the action is done while transformed, Irving will revert back to their normal wendigo state.

    Location: Interact with the wendigo within the forest in the Scarlet World.

    Practical Uses: None.

    Ice Sculpture

    Become an ice sculpture. Stops things from moving.
    "Allows you to stop certain things from moving. Pressing SHIFT toggles the ability, changing your appearance in the process."

    Ice Sculpture effect

    Appearance: Irving turns into a blue ice sculpture of themself.

    Action: Irving transforms into a different ice statue and reverts back to normal when the action is done again. There are a variety of appearances the effect can take.

    Location: Find the dragon ice sculpture in the Cold Storage.

    Practical Uses: NPC's movement will stop.


    Become infernal stone. Incinerates other things.
    "Allows you to incinerate certain things."

    Brimstone effect

    Appearance: Irving gains orange skin and white eyes. A lava crack goes across their head and they gain small horns.

    Action: None.

    Location: Interact with the burning meteorite next to the cave camper in Winter Hills.

    Practical Uses: Needed to get the Ice Sculpture effect.


    Become a hotel porter. Lets you push stuff around.
    "Allows you to harmlessly push things around."

    Bellhop Effect

    Appearance: Irving wears a bellhop outfit, wearing a red and gold suit and cap.

    Action: None.

    Location: Interact with the reaching creature in the isolated section of Vermilion Rooftops accessed via one of the Hotel Rooms.

    Practical Uses: Irving can passively push some NPCs that are in the way.


    Wear formal clothes. Looks a bit uptight.
    "Makes you look like an upper-class kind of person."

    Formal effect

    Appearance: Irving wears a black suit with orange buttons, a white undershirt, and neat hair.

    Action: None.

    Location: Interact with the boss of the Electro Tower, located on its second floor.

    Practical Uses: Some NPCs behavior will change.



    View the controls.

    Appearance: None.

    Action: None.

    Location: Automatically will be in "Collections" when starting a new game

    Practical Uses: Explains how the game works.