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Location: Boiling Water World

Prompt: Upon entering Boiling Water World from the Outback Roads, there is a 1/8 chance that it will be nighttime. Head towards the barren area with markings in the dirt.

Description: Over the markings will be a circle of green, glowing spots. Interacting with the center of the ring will cause a green tractor beam to come from above, abducting Irving. This also forces Irving awake. A face can briefly be seen in the window above Irving's bed upon waking.

Chance Encounter

Location: Junction Space

Prompt: Within the darkened portion of the Outback Roads is the outline of a door within one of the rocks. Using the Skeleton Key effect, the door can be unlocked to enter Junction Space.

Description: If Irving traverses farther into the Junction Space, they will come across an altar with four doors colored red, orange, green, and cyan. Another character can be seen entering the green door, though Irving can choose any of the four. If Irving enters any of the doors, they will appear in the void as text in an unknown language appears across the screen. Once the text finishes, Irving is sent back to the Nexus.


Location: Moth Temple

Prompt: Enter the southernmost set of doors in the maze portion of Moth Temple. Within this room, use the Vampirism effect on the cracked wall located in the bottom right corner.

Description: Within the wall is a passage leading to a moth statue leaking a black substance. Upon entering the puddle leaking from the statue, a cutscene of the moon eclipsing will play. Exiting the room with the statue will cause the moth preacher to attack Irving, sending them to an isolated section in Printer Ink World.

Emerald Shrimpland

Location: Emerald Shrubland

Prompt: Within the shrubland is a hollow cube with some orange vines hanging from it, which can be interacted with.

Description: Once the box is interacted with, the screen will cut to black and lightly flash three times before a stylized shrimp figure appears. Once the figure goes away, all of the orange tree's leaves will now be replaced by large shrimps.

Familiar Territory

Location: Lowest Point

Prompt: At the end of the Lowest Point is a frame that features a depiction of Irving looking up at the sky. There's a 1/10 chance (unless you have equipped Menu Theme 7, in which it becomes a 1/5 chance) that the frame depicts Irving looking up at a large green mass.

Description: Upon dismissing the green variant, Irving will now appear outside their own house. Attempting to enter the alleyways will cause green figures to appear, blocking the way. The only place to go is into Irving's house. Inside, Irving can be found alongside Lucky, watching something on a computer. If Lucky is interacted with, the screen will distort with green static and Irving is forced awake.

Fishing Hole

Location: Swamp World

Prompt: Enter the door in the northern section of Swamp World, near the shark NPC.

Description: Beyond the door is a small fishing hole where Irving can fish after interacting with the fishing hole's shopkeeper. Additionally, the small area has a book that tracks which species of fish you have caught, with there being eight different types.

Gardener's Secret

Location: Garden Centre

Prompt: Enter the downstairs portion of the Garden Centre, hide behind the pots before the gardener comes in, and adventure into the centre's basement. Locate the large, red flower in the basement's northwestern door and interact with it to make it wilt.

Description: Upon attempting to exit the basement, a plant creature will be blocking the way. After catching sight of Irving, it will pursue them around the basement. If Irving is caught, they will get sent to an isolated section of the Emerald Shrubland. If the creature is successfully evaded by heading into the rightmost basement room, exiting, and then bolting for the basement exit, then the gardener will lock the creature inside the basement before walking away. Using the Skeleton Key effect to re-enter the locked door and returning to the red flower will reveal the creature tending to it.


Location: Gloomy Wetlands

Prompt: Upon entering the dream world, there is a chance that the typically broken bridge in the Gloomy Wetlands has an extra piece floating by it, leaving only small gaps to jump over. The Deer effect can be used to cross these gaps and reach a large temple within the world.

Description: Upon entering the temple and interacting with the empty frame at the end of it, a large dragon-headed creature standing before a downed humanoid figure will appear. The dragon creature speaks various symbols, which causes the human figure to melt and fade away. Once the event ends, Irving is returned to their dream room.

Magic 8 Ball

Location: Pool World

Prompt: To the right of the Road Sign World entrance, north of the room with two lockers, a trail of water leads to the corner of the room. Using the Skeleton Key effect, a secret door is revealed.

Description: Beyond the secret door is a large, lone 8 Ball. Interacting with the 8 Ball will make it function just like one, causing it to reveal a die with a random symbol on it.

Museum Thief

Location: Museum

Prompt: Upon entering the Museum past the reception desk, there is a 1/9 chance that a yellow vending machine will appear in the eastmost room. Paying to use the vending machine will trigger the event.

Description: When the vending machine is activated, an alarm will sound and a chaser will suddenly appear and run at Irving, sending them to an isolated area. If the player did not have it already from any of the other chasers, this event will unlock Bestiary Entry #2.

Shadow Irving in Foggy Roads

Location: Foggy Roads

Prompt: When entering from either entrance (Curtain Den or Rainy Village), head towards the centre. There's a 1/5 chance of this event happening.

Description: A shadowy version of Irving will appear, before promptly disappearing.

Spinning Digital Cat

Location: Curtain Den

Prompt: Upon entering from Music Symbol World, enter the southwest doorway and continue south into the following room.

Description: Inside of the room is an eye-like container housing a spinning cat head. If the container is shattered by using the Vampirism effect, the cat will become heavily distorted before breaking out of its containment, wildly spinning across the screen.


Location: Ramparts

Prompt: Find the telescope in the Ramparts and spy the purple planet with a large black splotch.

Description: Upon finding the planet, the telescope's view will lock onto the planet. A large eye will open up from inside the planet, forcing Irving awake. Once this event is experienced for the first time, Menu Theme #7 is earned.

Storm's Revenge

Location: Weather Station

Prompt: Find the weathervane girl in the Weather Station and use either the Vampirism or Brimstone effect on them to kill them.

Description: As soon as the weathervane girl is killed, the surrounding area will begin to darken and rumble. From the cliffside, a large, dark storm will approach Irving. The storm consumes Irving, forcing them awake.

Ventilation Void

Location: Ventilation Passage

Prompt: Head down the long path heading south, directly to the left of the vent containing three purple creatures. The Deer effect is required to jump over the ventilation fans.

Description: Once entered, the entire world will become a looping black void with a single demon-like creature within it. When interacted with, it makes a repetitive clicking noise. The void can only be escaped by waking up or using the Mobile Phone effect.


Ending #1

Location: Dreaming Serpents World