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Yume Tsushin:Abandoned Swimming Pool

Abandoned Swimming Pool
Basic Info

EffectSchool Uniform

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas


BGM Missing
Map ID 0023
Map Type Medium, Non-looping
Version Added 0.00

The Abandoned Swimming Pool is an area accessible from the frog portal at the eastern section of the Beach.


This area is a dark and dreary indoor swimming pool, which is dried up, having been given over to time. Small windows serve as its source of light, with the sun's rays illuminating the left side of the pool slightly.

Near the northern end of the pool, you can find a backpack lying on the ground. This grants the School Uniform effect upon interaction. Taking a look at the mural right on the wall nearby pans the screen up, letting you see the rest of it.


Nexus → White DesertBeach → Abandoned Swimming Pool