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    Uneven Dream:Digital Station

    Digital Station
    Basic Info
    Effects EffectCyber
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Roombas
    Connecting Areas

    Balloon Festival
    Frigid Field
    Screen Mesa Cyber NoReturn➡️

    BGM maple-spacey (No. 131)
    Map ID 0362
    Version Added v0.08
    Author maple

    Digital Station is an area accessible from the Balloon Festival.


    Digital Station is made up of multiple pink tiled corridors, along with shelves, couches, and potted plants lining the walls, with the occasional roomba roaming the map. The background consists of jumbled binary, as polygonal shaped slowly move upwards. Binoculars propped up on stands will appear in front of windows, which can be used for looking further up.

    The Cyber effect can be found after entering the second black door and taking the door on the far right.

    The Cyber effect can be used to access the locked door on the very far right of the map. This door takes you to a short path that ends in a hole that serves as a one-way to Screen Mesa.


    Totsutsuki's Nexus → Balloon FestivalDigital Station