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Uneven Dream:Totsutsuki's Room

Totsutsuki's Room
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Totsutsuki's Dream Room

Map ID 0004, 0005
Version Added a-000
Primary Author FD
Contributing Author(s) 001247, Hashtag_Underscore

Totsutsuki's Room is the starting area in Totsutsuki's part of the game.


Totsutsuki's Room is where the player starts the game if they have selected the Totsu symbol from the menu. This room and the backyard overlooking a pleasant stream are only locations Totsutsuki can access while awake. Totsutsuki refuses to leave her room through the door, and attempting to open it results in her peeking out and then closing it.


Prior to v0.08

There are various furnishings in the room, such as a table with a tea set on top, potted plants, stuffed animals, a lamp that can be turned on and off, a closet which can be opened, and a bed serving as the connection to Totsutsuki's Dream Room. There is also a desk with a computer, which allows the player to save their progress, switch characters, and view unlocked wallpapers, among other things. Pressing Shift while in the save menu will allow you to download or upload a save.