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    Basic Info
    Role Gives the Triangle Kerchief effect
    Collectibles None
    Events None

    Ghost World

    Size Standard
    Killable? Yes

    Fleebie is an effect NPC that can be found in Ghost World and gives the Triangle Kerchief effect when interacted with.


    It looks like a typical ghost (bearing similarities to Follony and the Nopperabou Ghost, the latter of which also giving an effect) with one red eye in the middle of its forehead. Its lips are puckered up, giving it a silly expression. It moves quite fast and flees from Madotsuki. The easiest way to catch it would be by using the Cat effect to draw it closer to Madotsuki, the Stoplight effect to freeze it, or the Bicycle effect to try and catch up with it. It also reacts normally to the Knife effect.


    • Its English fan-given name derives from being a portmanteau word of "freebie" (as it gives an effect) and "fleeing".
    • In versions 0.04 through 0.08, Fleebie inhabited Dark World. In version 0.09, it was moved to Ghost World, which was introduced that same update.


    Float Cycles