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Yume Nikki:Nopperabou Ghost

Nopperabou Ghost
Basic Info
Role Gives the Nopperabou effect
Collectibles None
Events None

The Sewers

Size Standard
Killable? Yes

The Nopperabou Ghost is an effect NPC found within the Sewers.


The Nopperabou Ghost can be found at the very west of the Sewers area, floating around a room with a large pool of sewage water which may occasionally have a Pirori or the Submarine Fish inside. When interacted with, they will give Madotsuki the Nopperabou effect.


  • "Nopperabou" is the name of a Japanese yōkai resembling a faceless human.
  • The Nopperabou Ghost pays high resemblance to Fleebie and Follony.
  • In YUMENIKKI –DREAM DIARY–, an entire swarm of what appears to be Nopperabou Ghosts can be seen floating by the lighthouse in the Pier World and circling above Poniko's House. The later added Sewer also features a stationary one.
  • The Nopperabou Ghost was originally more lightly shaded prior to version 0.10.