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    Basic Info
    Role None
    Collectibles None
    Events None

    FC House

    Size Standard, Large
    Killable? Yes

    The Goblins are NPCs found at the top of a long stairway in the basement of the FC House.


    Inside of the FC Basement is an out-of-place room resembling a castle with clouds above it. Inside this room are the Goblins, blue-skinned creatures with red and green clothing that simply wander around their small area. Four small ones and one large one inhabit the room. They move randomly through the room and ignore Madotsuki if she tries to interact with them. They display the standard reactions to the Cat, Knife, and Stoplight effects, although the big one takes five hits to kill with the knife instead of the usual one hit.

    Something notable about the Goblins is that the small goblins have a 1/4 chance of giving 100 yen when killed instead of the usual 1/8 chance. The big goblin is even more profitable, having a 1/2 chance of giving 200 yen when killed, though it requires five hits with the Knife effect to kill rather than one. This increased yield makes clearing the room the best method to earn yen in the game.


    • The Goblins are one of two characters that do not have the standard 1/8 chance of dropping yen. The other is Organoid, who will always drop yen upon being killed.
    • The Goblins bear a striking resemblance to the sprites of King Ogreth from the game Bokosuka Wars. Their larger appearance on the game over screen resembles the larger goblin while their smaller appearance on the game completion screen resembles the smaller goblins.
      • As Yume Nikki appears to be inspired by several NES/Famicom games, with Bokosuka Wars having an altered version of the game released on said console in 1985, it's likely this resemblance is intentional.
    The game over screen of Bokosuka Wars, which may have been a possible inspiration.