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FC House
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

FC House
FC House Inside (Interior)
FC Basement (Basement)



Map Type Medium, Non-looping, Multiple maps
Events None
Notable NPCs Walking Eye, Merutomaro, Kinoko-san, Goblins, FC Demon
Connecting Areas

Static Maze
FC World A Return🚩
FC World B NoEntry


とりはそと、おにはうち (FC Demon's Room)
なぞのちかつうろ (FC Basement)
B.O.S.S (Goblins' Room)

Map ID 0120 (FC Field)
0121 (FC House)
0122 (Doors A and B)
0123 (Walking Eye)
0124 (Doors B C and E)
0125 (Wavy staircases)
0126 (Small two-door loop)
0127 (Door D drawers)
0128 (Doors F and G)
0129 (Doors G and H)
0130 (Two staircase drawers platform)
0131 (Three staircase drawers platform)
0132 (Door H platform)
0133 (Merutomaro)
0134 (Lone door to FC World A route)
0135 (Long staircase to FC Goblins' Room)
0136 (V shape room)
0137 (Mushrooms)
0138 (Goblins' Room door)
0139 (FC Goblins' Room)
0140 (FC Demon's Room)
0141 (Route to FC World A: door)
0142 (Route to FC World A: staircase)
0143 (Route to FC World A: room)
Version Added 0.03

Map of the FC Basement Maze

The FC House is a deeper location that is accessed from the Static Maze. It is normally the first FC World that most of the players discover due to it being closest to the Nexus. When visiting the area, the player first comes across the FC Field, a small area with lots of trees, and the FC House. When entering the house, the player can go down to the FC Basement (FC地下, FC Underground), where there are many branching paths.


FC Field

The FC Field has a cute, melodious background tune unlike most of the minimalistic music heard in the game. The music in the FC Field is also a full song rather than a short loop, being the only instance of such in the game. Due to the short length of the FC Field and House areas, it's likely that some players don't hear the song beyond the first looping section before they enter the FC Basement.

FC House and Basement

Inside the FC House, there is not much to do other than go down the stairs and into the FC Basement. Various doors and staircases in the basement will take Madotsuki to different sections, with some rooms standing out from the others. A castle-like room with a few odd Goblins can be found, as well as an isolated section where Madotsuki will suddenly find herself in FC World A. The deepest part of the basement has the FC Demon's Room, which is surrounded by mushroom-like Kinoko-san. Interacting with the FC Demon inside gives the player the Demon effect.


NexusShield-Folk WorldStatic Maze → FC House


Ninten's House, which the FC House exterior resembles.
  • The FC Field area greatly resembles Ninten's House from the 1989 Famicom game Mother (released outside of Japan in 2015 as EarthBound Beginnings). Additionally, the basement section of the house resembles staircases found in Rosemary's House, another area from the same game.
  • Due to the FC Field having a full BGM track, it is possible to hear the music fade out before it loops if the player stays in the Field or House areas for long enough.
  • The FC Field, House, and Basement areas have had various changes throughout the game's versions:
    • In version 0.04, the house was larger and had a burgundy-colored roof. There were also fewer rooms in the FC Basement and the FC Demon's Room was not implemented (though the room's music can be found in the game's files, unused). Despite not providing an effect at that point in development, the FC Demon can still be found in the first room of the FC House.
      • The Thumbs.db files of this version also reveal other aspects that may have been used in older versions or planned to be implemented. There are panoramic backgrounds for the Basement rooms (though they are just images of the rooms themselves), a picture of the FC House with no staircase, and an image of the FC Field with no trees and what appears to be a second ladder in front of the House (which may have been intended to be the original Basement entrance, considering the aforementioned FC House picture).
    • In versions 0.04 through 0.09, the trees in the FC Field had a different appearance, more closely resembling pine trees. These were changed in version 0.10.
    • In version 0.06, the house much more closely resembled its final appearance, but was still a tad thicker. The house remained this way up to version 0.09, and even retained the larger house's collision from version 0.04, meaning that the empty space between the trees and the right side of the house could not be walked through.
    • The music in the FC Basement and the Goblins' Room used different instrumentation in older versions.
FC Basement (version 0.04)
Goblins' Room (version 0.04)
Goblins' Room (version 0.06)


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ひなたぼっこ (https://yume.wiki/images/0/0f/FC BGM 001.ogg, FC BGM 001.ogg, ?) +, とりはそと、おにはうち (https://yume.wiki/images/0/00/FC BGM 002.ogg, FC BGM 002.ogg, FC Demon's Room) +, なぞのちかつうろ (https://yume.wiki/images/c/c4/FC BGM 004.ogg, FC BGM 004.ogg, FC Basement) +  and B.O.S.S (https://yume.wiki/images/c/c6/FC BGM 005.ogg, FC BGM 005.ogg, Goblins' Room) +
Medium +, Non-looping +  and Multiple maps +
FC小屋, FC Hut +
120 (FC Field) +, 121 (FC House) +, 122 (Doors A and B) +, 123 (Walking Eye) +, 124 (Doors B C and E) +, 125 (Wavy staircases) +, 126 (Small two-door loop) +, 127 (Door D drawers) +, 128 (Doors F and G) +, 129 (Doors G and H) +, 130 (Two staircase drawers platform) +, 131 (Three staircase drawers platform) +, 132 (Door H platform) +, 133 (Merutomaro) +, 134 (Lone door to FC World A route) +, 135 (Long staircase to FC Goblins' Room) +, 136 (V shape room) +, 137 (Mushrooms) +, 138 (Goblins' Room door) +, 139 (FC Goblins' Room) +, 140 (FC Demon's Room) +, 141 (Route to FC World A: door) +, 142 (Route to FC World A: staircase) +  and 143 (Route to FC World A: room) +