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    Yume Nikki:Zippertile

    Zipper Tile Unhappy Profile.png
    Basic Info
    Role Grants access to The Stairway
    Collectibles None
    Events None

    Number World

    Size Standard
    Killable? No

    The Zippertile is an NPC found in Number World. It is located in the southeast corner of Number World's first room, to the right of the door with zeroes and one in front of it.


    The Zippertile initially appears to be just like the other Zippertiles found around Number World, having a smiling blue face with one black right eye and one pink left eye, a zipper-like body, and orange limbs protruding from its head that resemble an arm and leg. However, a 1/8 chance determined upon when Madotsuki goes to sleep may cause it change its appearance to have an unhappy appearance, revealing the white inside of its mouth. When interacted with in this unhappy state, it moves its mouth and makes a low noise.

    While in its unhappy state, the Zippertile can be stabbed with the Knife effect, which will briefly make it change its expression as it screams, confirming it is alive and not just a wall decoration. After being stabbed, it will smile again, though it will be vomiting out blood that forms into a dark doorway that can be entered. Upon entering, Madotsuki will find herself in the Number World Stairway.

    Part of the Zippertile can be seen from the Stairway, though with a very distorted appearance. Its face and doorway are simply a mass of multicolored pixels that vaguely resemble its shape.

    Upon use of the Knife effect.