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Yume 2kki:Abandoned Campsite

Abandoned Campsite
Abandoned Campsite.png
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs Light Lady
Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Pointing Labyrinth
Mourning Void LockedCondition🔐 NoReturn
Dream Route Locked🔒
Pitch Black Plateau NoEntry

Removed Connections

Bikini Beach NoEntry

BGM delta_song_1 (No. 767A and 767B)
delta_song_1 (quiet) (Light Lady Tent) (No. 767C)
Map ID 2591, 2597, 3011
Map Type Medium, Looping
Version Added 0.121d
Last Updated 0.123b patch 3
Primary Author delta_judgment
Contributing Author(s) Nabisae

Abandoned Campsite is an area accessible from the green door in The Nexus.

Map of Abandoned Campsite


Abandoned Campsite is an open area with tall trees, black streetlights, small sprouts, and tents. Three groups of trees are arranged in a pattern resembling the number three. It has a scrolling panorama of a bunch of grapes with eyes and yellow crescents, perhaps bananas, by its sides.

It's inhabited by walking snake ghosts of various colors, which freeze if you use Crossing effect. There are smaller tents scattered throughout the area, some of which have small creatures sticking out of them. Some signs reading "DEL-CAMP" are also present, with the "DEL" scribbled out.

Some tents can be entered. A green one west of the door to The Nexus contains a few cones and chairs with a lantern; a yellow one southeast of that holds a couple of chairs and a table; and a red one further south houses only a single lantern.

Northwest of the entrance, there are two trees with arrows pointing between them. Going between them takes Urotsuki to Pointing Labyrinth.

East of the entrance, a wandering Light Lady can be found. Interacting with her shows a close-up of her smiling face and transports Urotsuki to her tent, which features the grapes in the window. Other Urotsuki-like Light Ladies reside within it, and interacting with one of them transforms Urotsuki into her. The classic Light Lady now has a shadowy appearance; interacting with her takes 500 Yume (夢) and warps Urotsuki to Mourning Void, just below the flowers that lead to Dream Route. This fee must be paid each time. If Urotsuki does not have enough money, the shadowy Light Lady will pay her no mind.

Exiting the Light Lady's tent places Urotsuki below the door to The Nexus and next to a vending machine.

Northeast of the entrance, a green door will beckon Urotsuki inside after it has been unlocked by interacting with the star at the end of the Amethyst Caves in Dream Route. Entering the door takes Urotsuki to the Stone Graveyard, where a snake can be found that returns her to the end of the Present Amethyst Caves.


  • The Nexus → Abandoned Campsite


  • In version 0.122 patch 1, the terrain was altered, the tents gained interiors, and the snakes received an effect reaction.
  • In version 0.123b, a vending machine was added alongside the Light Lady and her tent. She used to take 50,000夢 before teleporting Urotsuki to Mourning Void. This was changed to 500夢 in version 0.123b patch 3.