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To do: Finish Table of all NPCs, objects etc. that give more than 100 Yume upon interaction/death/etc. Sort Table by money amount, lowest to highest.
Urotsuki's piggy bank

Money is the currency Urotsuki can collect in her dreams, represented by the kanji 夢 (Yume, Dream).

Obtaining Money

After visiting at least 1% of all available maps, a piggy bank will appear in the dream version of Urotsuki's Room. When smashed, it will award you with money equal to the percentage of maps you've visited. This can be done once per dream.

  • Killing most NPCs can sometimes yield 100夢 (1/8 chance). The NPCs in Ecstasy World drop money slightly more often than most NPCs (3/8 chance if chainsawed, will always drop money if killed with the Lantern). The NPCs in Fairy Tale Woods also drop money slightly more often than most NPCs.
  • Killing Seishonen in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments always yields 50夢.
  • If your money is below 500夢, you can find 100夢 by checking the Box Shop Keeper's drawers in Japan Town and going into the gap in the hedges near the Underground Bar.
  • Once per game, Urotsuki can receive money from a customer in the hotel.
  • There is a chance that you can find 100夢 at the left side of the drawer in Tatami Room.
  • You can trample flowers using the Bike effect in Wooden Polycube Ruins Icy Garden, which has a random chance of giving 100夢.

Below is a table of all possible NPCs, events, and objects that give more than the standard 100夢.

Name Image Location Notes
Retro Coin
Retro Cartridge Game Varies; see Notes When collected, gives 夢 equivalent to the current Variable 44 value, between 0 and 255.
Green creature Chaotic Buildings 150 Random chance of giving 150夢 upon chainsawing.
Pudding World denizens
Pudding boi.png
Pudding World 200
Mysterious Maid
Hospital, Train Tracks, Sky Kingdom, or Construction Frame Building; see Notes 500 Location determined by Variable #44; (0-64) for Hospital, (64-128) for Train Tracks, (128-192) for Sky Kingdom, (192-255) for Construction Frame Building.
Oriental pub guy.png
Oriental Pub 500 Guaranteed chance of drop; respawns upon re-entering Oriental Pub.
Shop Ruins 500 Requires Crossing effect. If the effect is used and the NPC is interacted with, it will produce a squishing noise before the player is given money.
Deluxe Mask Shop Varies; see Notes Interacting with the wall on the left to the dressing rooms or in the bottom right corner above the desk will yield 5000夢 if your total is less than 3000夢, or 500夢 if it is greater than 3000夢. Only one of these spots can be used per visit or once every purchase of a mask.
Black Cobra
Royal Black Cobra.png
Serpentine Pyramid 1,000 Guaranteed to give 1,000夢 upon chainsawing; spins in place when Chainsaw is equipped.
Shape World 1,000 Requires Child effect. 1/6 chance of appearing upon entering the house, after it has been drawn. Repeatedly entering and leaving the house will re-roll for this event, making it an excellent way to obtain money quickly.
Pawn piece
Shogi Board Varies; see Notes When interacting, the pawn piece will be converted into a Tokin (と) piece. When promoted to a Tokin, there is a 1/6 chance that you will receive an amount of 夢 equal to either 500 or 100x the amount of effects you have.

For example, if you have 25 effects, you will receive 2,500夢. As of writing, the maximum is 3,600夢, if all 36 effects are collected.

As a Tokin piece can be reverted to a pawn by interacting with it again, repeatedly promoting and demoting a pawn is one of the fastest ways to make money.

Hagure uzasu.png
Graveyard World 5,000 1/3 chance; moves rapidly when Chainsaw is equipped.
Voxel Creature
Voxel Island 7,777 Guaranteed to give 7,777夢 upon chainsawing.
Baricaded Warp
Chromatic Limbo 10,000 Guaranteed to give 10,000夢 upon chainsawing. Due to the Bat effect being allowed on the area, this is currently the fastest way of obtaining money, given that you are capable of traversing the maze once.
Pink Puni
Shadowy Caves See Notes 50,000夢 given after the first completion of the puzzle. Resolving the puzzle on future visits in future dream sessions will reward money based on the current Map Completion Rate (100夢 for every 1%, for a maximum of 10,000夢 ).
Black Lotus
Black lotus cropped.png
Lotus Park 511,000 1/2048 chance upon interaction. This interaction can only be attempted once per visit, and can be attempted again by re-entering Lotus Park.
Red Lily Lake 999,999 If Ninetails has not been chainsawed at any point before their tails are reset, they will give the most amount of money of any NPC in the game, with the chances of such being 1/999,999, or 0.0001%. These odds are far lower than reaching Gallery of Me or even receiving money from the Black Lotus.

Spending Money

There are currently only a handful of things Urotsuki can spend money on. The many vending machines found throughout the dream world are the easiest to access. Urotsuki may purchase drinks and snacks from them for 100夢.

Urotsuki can also buy alcoholic drinks (200夢 per drink) at the Underground Bar in Japan Town. Drinking too much may lead to interesting results.

Masks can be purchased from the shopkeeper in the Mask Shop for 500夢 each. These get cheaper by 10夢 with each purchase, to a minimum cost of 100夢 per mask.

At Lamp Puddle World, Urotsuki can pay 100夢 for a reading at the Fortune Teller's Tent. It will play a long animation before a tarot card of a random 2kki NPC is shown to the player.

Urotsuki can also lose money. The vending machine in Mushroom World, for example, will steal your money and not give you a drink. A sane clown (nicknamed Pennywise) in the gray building of Guts World will also steal some money from you if you try to kill them.

At the very end of the game, money can also be gambled in the Developer Room's slots.