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Yume 2kki:Bacteria World

Bacteria World
Ynoproject 2kki screenshot 2023-4-30-14-49-58.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Rotten World




WP #566

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Microbiome World
Color Capital
Blue Shape Zone
Dark Red Wasteland LockedCondition🔐 Lantern
Miso Soup Dungeon
Mixed Beach

BGM 1.流星_byやわらか (No. 699)
932-warm (Colorful version) (No. 007C)
moseni_leaf (Colorful version) (No. 116C)
tech3 (Colorful version) (No. 214F)
mypn_ice_8bit (Colorful version) (No. 369C)
bgm-p (Colorful version) (No. 700)
sound6b_2 (Colorful version) (No. 701C)
Map ID 2115
Version Added 0.120a patch 1
Last Updated 0.122c
Author 21keb

Bacteria World is an area accessible from a floating green diamond in The Nexus.

Annotated map of the area


Bacteria World is a barren green area consisting of bacteria/viruses with faces and piles of slime, some resembling hands. Around the map, there are several pairs of pillars that will change the panorama appearance and scrolling speed as well as the background music when walked through.

Slightly north of the entrance, then east or west, is a colorful bamboo shoot wandering the world. Interacting with it transports Urotsuki to Color Capital.

Going southwest of the entrance leads to a pair of pillars with dangling red tips, and passing between them teleports Urotsuki to Blue Shape Zone. After interacting with a specific tube in Copper Tube Desert at least once, equipping the Lantern effect makes these pillars move faster and fully turn red. Walking between them in this state brings Urotsuki to Dark Red Wasteland.

Heading directly south from the entrance leads to a green and white creature wandering around. Interacting with it transports Urotsuki to Miso Soup Dungeon. East of it is an open-mouthed virus, and entering it takes Urotsuki to Microbiome World.

Northeast of the entrance, beneath a row of hands, is a grey box with a flashing antenna and face, which takes her to Mixed Beach upon interaction.


  • The Nexus → Bacteria World


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