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Yume 2kki:Marijuana Goddess World

Marijuana Goddess World
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Shaka Sekai
Buddha World




WP #5
Kura Puzzle #7

Events Buddha Rave
Notable NPCs Monmons
Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Dark Room
Color Cubes World
Maiden Outlook Return🚩
Lotus Park Twintails
Rainbow Hell

Removed Connections

The Hand Hub


932-warm (No. 007A)
626_tb303 (Buddha Rave) (No. 008A)

Map ID 0051
Version Added 0.051
Primary Author 20
Contributing Author(s) Nuaah, Akahara Imori

Marijuana Goddess World is one of the main areas accessible from The Nexus.

Map of Marijuana Goddess World


This world is filled with noise and color. The colorful tiles make a sound when stepped on. If you zoom out, the tiles together form a picture of a Buddha/Hindu deity figure with six arms sitting cross-legged and holding a sun. If you step on the flashing tile on its forehead, it will trigger the Buddha Rave event (There will be a moving image of the figure zooming in and out while upbeat music plays). The second arm on the left side holds a warp to Rainbow Hell, while the one on the right side of the figure has a flashing Teleport Rune leading to Color Cubes World.

Here you can encounter yellow jelly creatures and many gray oval-shaped bugs called Monmons, that jump when you interact with them, or burst into flames with the Lantern effect equipped.

The Dark Room can be found by going through the pink/purple doorway with an arch cut in the shape of a cat at the bottom right side of the zoomed out figure. You can find the entrance to the Dark Room by going east from the lowest point of the Buddha. Rarely, upon entering this world, one will be teleported to the Maiden Outlook, based on very specific circumstances described in its page.

By going west of the Buddha figure's face, with the Twintails effect equipped, you can find a girl who will take you to Lotus Park upon interaction.

If the player has peed on the wall in Japan Town in the current or a previous dream session, or gotten a terrible luck fortune (大橋夢) from Shinto Shrine or Fox Temple, a clown will appear in the center of the world that will chase you very quickly, stealing some money from you each time it catches you. To get rid of it, pee on the Japan Town wall again, then go to Chocolate World and get caught by one of the flat Shadow Ladies there. Alternatively, you can draw a very strange dream fortune (大奇夢) from the ghost girl in the aforementioned Shinto Shrine or the fortune stand in Fox Temple, which will also make it disappear.


  • The Nexus → Marijuana Goddess World


  • In earlier versions, there was a portal to the The Hand Hub on the Buddha's blue hand but it was later removed in newer versions.
  • Before version 0.072, the portal leading to the Nexus was a static image. From version 0.072 onwards, it became animated.
  • In version 0.072 the parallax was also changed to one with more squares and a darker tint.


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釈迦世界 +
51 (Marijuana Goddess World) +
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