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    Yume 2kki:Checkered Towers

    Checkered Towers
    Checkered Towers.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Fuji Murasaki no Ichimatsu Banmen
    Wisteria Purple Checkered Board

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #814

    Masks Clown
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Clementine
    Connecting Areas

    Topdown Dungeon
    Retro Cartridge Game NoReturn➡️
    Legacy Nexus Unlock🔑

    Removed Connections

    Nefarious Chessboard

    BGM bgm-c (No. 078E)
    tonny04 (Bedroom) (No. 624A)
    88_2 (Building) (No. 400B)
    NYA_03 (Illuminated Building) (No. 860A)
    fus_04 (Clementine's Room) (No. 859)
    fd-groove2 (Inverted Room) (No. 856B)
    Map ID 2272, 2273, 2279, 2296
    Version Added 0.120d patch 6
    Last Updated 0.122f
    Primary Author Bean
    Contributing Author(s) Yasakoten

    Checkered Towers is an area accessible from TVLand and Topdown Dungeon.

    Map of Checkered Towers


    Checkered Towers is looping area with a grey and purple checkerboard floor. Several grey brick towers are scattered throughout the area, coming in varying heights. Some have windows with leaking purple fluid, some have checkered banners, and some appear to have floating pieces.

    Several towers have entrances, leading to small rooms. Most have chairs and some have walking purple NPCs with grey checkered torsos. Near the witch that leads to Topdown Dungeon are 3 towers with entrances. Upwards from the group of towers is a purple and green door to TVLand. If TVLand is currently in its red state, the door will redden.

    Further east from the 3 towers, there is a large purple and green vending machine with a cut pink cable. A little further south and east from the vending machine is a pink perfume bottle. Interacting with it plays a spraying sound and takes Urotsuki to an area with a deep red-blue sky and a large Illuminated Building with bright yellow windows. If you have the Horse or Jester mask equipped, you will not be able to use the perfume bottle or the door inside. The building contains a set of halls with striped walls, cosmic floors, and strange NPCs. Sometimes, a fish can be seen flying by. At the end, you'll find a bedroom. Inside is an NPC named Clementine, a radio, and a mirror. Interacting with the radio inverts the room, changes the music, prevents you from leaving, swaps the cosmic poster to a clock at the third hour, and makes Clementine stare forward. Interacting with the mirror causes one of the Clowns from The Circus to appear. If you then walk into the mirror, you will turn into a Clown. This makes Clementine wear a Jester outfit. If you have the Clown mask equipped, her outfit will darken while the room is inverted. If you have the Horse mask equipped, the room will darken and there will be a puddle of blood instead of Clementine.

    Sleeping in this bed will take you to Legacy Nexus. If it's your first time sleeping here, the connection between these areas will be unlocked, and you will wake up in a corridor of the Realistic Flat. This corridor has three large doors: one has two hearts, one has an eye, and one has what appear to be vines. Exiting this room through the lower side will take you to a realistic bus stop, where you may sit and rest. Leaving to the left will take you to the main area of Legacy Nexus.

    The witch that warps you to Topdown Dungeon can be seen wandering near a short tower, which contains a room with checkered pillars and a purple stained door. Entering this door leads to a small bedroom with references to effects and NPCs from other worlds. Sleeping in this bed leads to Retro Cartridge Game.

    Exiting through the other door takes Urotsuki to an orange balcony with a pink orb. Interacting with it plays a giggling sound effect, then takes her to a short screen with orange buildings situated against a white bank of water. Heading to the right then takes her to a place with a pink-yellow sunset sky, and an isometric purple building with discolored bricks which holds a possible future connection.


    With the Glasses effect, after unlocking the connections from this area to Legacy Nexus to Blood Red Beach:

    If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Legacy Nexus is active and the connection from this area to Legacy Nexus is unlocked:


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    藤紫の市松盤面 +
    2,272 (?) +, 2,273 (?) +, 2,279 (?) +  and 2,296 (?) +
    0.120d patch 6 +