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Yume 2kki:Drains Theater

Drains Theater
Drains theater.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Ornamental Plains
Negative Space
Serene Docks
Autumn Park

Removed Connections

Underwater Forest
Festive Archipelago


kappa_13 (The Drains) (No. 399F)
e32 (The Cinema) (No. 389C)
2i9_mus2 (Entrance to Serene Docks) (No. 418D)

Map ID 1972, 1973, 1974
Version Added 0.119f
Primary Author Ouri
Contributing Author(s) Yasakoten

Annotated map of The Drains

The Drains Theater is an area accessible from the dark gate in the Ornamental Plains.


This world can be divided into two main sections: The Drains and The Cinema.

The Drains

The Drains are a set of platforms connected together by ladders and doors. One of the doors leads to a unique vending machine. In this area you can find what appears to be a rotating green plinth that will take you to Negative Space.

This section is relatively straightforward, and following the ladders to the bottom will eventually lead to a long platform with a doorway to the The Cinema.

The Cinema

The Cinema appears to be an abandoned movie theater, with various doors that lead to what appear to be screening rooms, though some are locked.

Through the southeast door is a hallway containing several closets, as well as some kind of computer screen. Interacting with the screen causes it to briefly flash blue. Continuing further leads to another hallway containing a fridge, a locked door, and a bench. At the end of this is a connection to Serene Docks.

Through the southwest door is a room that contains two giant dreamcatchers, as well as a pair of doors leading to Autumn Park.



  • In version 0.122a patch 1, a computer monitor was added to The Cinema. Pressing its button transported Urotsuki to the Cyber Pathway, which was a subarea that connected the Drains Theater to Festive Archipelago. Paintings were also added to the carpeted main hall of The Cinema. A vending machine that matched the previous style of the one in The Drains was added in the hallway that led to the Underwater Forest. In the same hallway, a second dreamcatcher took the place of a pair of giant hand sculptures sticking out of the ground.
  • In version 0.122a patch 3, the computer that led to the Cyber Pathway ceased to function. A painting in the main hall was also removed. The connection to the Underwater Forest was replaced with a connection to Autumn Park. The vending machine near this connection was removed, and a painting now hangs in its place.

Old Images