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Yume 2kki:Serene Docks

Serene Docks
Serene docks.png
Basic Info
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Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Drains Theater
Gray Road
Underwater Forest
Empty Abode
Jade Block Mounds


bgm021 (No. 267I)
yama-loop1 (Flower Path) (No. 158D)

Map ID 1975, 2416, 2425, 2426
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)


The Serene Docks are an area accessible from the Gray Road and the Drains Theater.


This wooded area is comprised of a set of buildings with docks extending from grated culverts on a stone brick wall.

Going through an open grate near the Drains Theater entrance leads to a small passageway with tiled flooring and lanterns hanging from the walls. Continuing further leads to a clearing similar in appearance to the main area of the world. At the end of this twisting dock is a doorway into a straight path filled with flowers. The end of this path connects to Jade Block Mounds.

Down the docks and north of the forked path is a door that leads to a storage facility filled with green drums and a door that leads to the Underwater Forest. Going east at the fork instead brings you to a red lamp that takes you to the Gray Road. Going south at the fork leads to Empty Abode.



  • The first passage behind the open grate shares its Map ID with Empty Abode.
  • An issue with the flower path caused it to be a one-way, unable to return Urotsuki to the Serene Docks. This was fixed in version 0.122b.
  • Before version 0.122a patch 3, the flower path had a different background.

Serene Docks new 4.png