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Yume 2kki:Flooded Baths

Flooded Baths
Floodedbaths 1.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Shinsui Yoku




WP #169 & #255

Events None
Notable NPCs Okina Robusuta
Connecting Areas

Shield Owl World
Atlantis Fairy, Spacesuit

Art Gallery
Botanical Garden NoEntry


2_27 (Main area) (No. 224A)
2_48 (Art Gallery passage) (No. 227)
bgm023 (Red Pool area) (No. 299A)
bgm023 (faster) (Red Pool from Botanical Garden) (No. 299B)
RIMA-bgm-acid001 (Red Plant NPCs Room) (No. 232A)
himits@アノン (Long-haired NPC Room) (No. 283A)
ループ「深海」By音師竹内 (Between Flooded Baths and Atlantis) (No. 028)

Map ID 0069, 0488
Version Added 0.100g
Primary Author 710
Contributing Author(s) shigurin

The Flooded Baths are an area accessible from the monochrome staircase in Shield Owl World.

Map of the Flooded Baths


The Flooded Baths is a large, winding area featuring wide, angled paths branching out in many directions and a basic art style.

Moving up from the entrance from Shield Owl World, you will eventually come to a crossroads.

Down the path left of the crossroads are the baths. There are many small pools of water dotting the sides of the path, with a side-area off to the right where the path branches. This holds a seemingly empty pool of water - but if Urotsuki equips the Fairy effect, walks away, and stops one square before the corner of the path, she will find that a strange smiling creature is hiding inside the pool.

Back on the path, heading up to the left leads to an area with two large pools and a green squircle-shaped NPC. Using the Crossing effect near it will make it turn pink. There is a short ladder going down into the pool on the left.

Descending the ladder will take you to an underwater section of the area with seaweed and a lobster named Okina Robusuta inhabiting the abandoned tunnels below. At the far right side of this area is a lone doorway that will take you to the small area below the steps at the bottom of the Reef in Atlantis. You can cross the gap by equipping the Fairy, Penguin, or Spacesuit effects.

The path to the right of the crossroads leads to a door that will take you to a fenced-in roof with a large red pool. This area can be alternatively accessed from the Botanical Garden by walking to the end of the flower path. When entering the area from the gardens there will be a large blue creature with a bleeding eye in its chest sitting in the pool.

Up past the crossroads, the path splits once again, with the left path leading to a cute brownish-yellow creature and an entrance. The creature reacts to the Grave effect, which makes it freeze and turn black with a fence-like shape on top of its head. The Fairy and Marginal effects make the creature turn green with a shocked look on its face. When attacked with the Chainsaw, it will turn red and get a bigger head before dying.

The entrance near the creature leads to a room with some seats and a large window, looking out into the sea. However, in some cases the window doesn't appear for unknown reasons. A door on the right side of this room will take you to a small room with a large set of metal lockers and various green boxes lying around that can be chainsawed.

Through the door in the top right is a room full of said boxes. To the left is a path leading to an overgrown room where 4 red plant creatures are playing a game at a table, while on the right is a door that you must chainsaw a path through the boxes to reach. Inside is a small bedroom, where a long-haired NPC wearing a grey coat seems to have made their home.

If you equip the Chainsaw effect near this NPC, they will make an apathetic face. Equipping the Grave effect will darken their expression, while using the Crossing effect will turn their entire body into a silhouette.

To the right of the room with the large set of metal lockers is a room with a short path that passes a counter, behind which is what seems to be some sort of shop run by two NPCs resembling a white cat and an orange bug. Further right is a set of benches that cannot be sat on and a few deflated-looking red creatures, one of which is blocking a door. By chainsawing the creature in the doorway, you can enter a small room with a sheer drop-off on the other side that is currently blocked by barricades and a construction sign.

Back at the branch in the main path, going right leads to an area with a long counter and a creature wearing a blue tribal mask sitting behind it that makes an electronic-sounding noise when interacted with.

Through a doorway to the right of the tribal mask creature is a long narrow bridge set in front of a mountainous purple background, with a smiling crimson moon above.

There are 2 gigantic statues here, one stylized as a cat with a large hole through its face and torso, and the other with strange spherical growths covering its face and chest. At the end of the bridge is a floating painting, which will take you to the Art Gallery.



  • In older versions, Urotsuki would let out little air bubbles while walking around in this area, implying that the entire area was underwater.
  • There is a smiling face design with large eyes made out in the seaweed on the floor of the underwater section of this area.
  • Near the vending machine left of the room of many chainsawable boxes, there's a lone box that makes a slowed-down baby cry when destroyed.


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2_27 (https://yume.wiki/images/e/ec/2 27.ogg, 2 27.ogg, Main area) +, 2_48 (https://yume.wiki/images/f/f2/2 48.ogg, 2 48.ogg, Art Gallery passage) +, bgm023 (https://yume.wiki/images/2/2a/Bgm023.ogg, Bgm023.ogg, Red Pool area) +, bgm023 (faster) (https://yume.wiki/images/8/85/Bgm023-faster.ogg, Bgm023-faster.ogg, Red Pool from Botanical Garden) +, RIMA-bgm-acid001 (https://yume.wiki/images/2/27/RIMA-bgm-acid001.ogg, RIMA-bgm-acid001.ogg, Red Plant NPCs Room) +, himits@アノン (https://yume.wiki/images/e/e3/Himits@アノン.ogg, Himits@アノン.ogg, Long-haired NPC Room) +  and ループ「深海」By音師竹内 (https://yume.wiki/images/9/9e/ループ「深海」By音師竹内.ogg, ループ「深海」By音師竹内.ogg, Between Flooded Baths and Atlantis) +
浸水浴 +
69 (?) +  and 488 (?) +
0.119b patch 5 +  and 0.119e patch 5-b +