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Yume 2kki:Shield Owl World

Shield Owl World
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Tate Fukurō Sekai
Shield Owl World




WP #566

Events None
Notable NPCs

Shield Owls

Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Flooded Baths
Clawtree Forest
Water Lantern World
Acerola World
The Pansy Path
Bodacious Rotation Station
NES Glitch Tunnel Chainsaw


2_21 (No. 012A)
2_2 (Monochrome Stairs) (No. 029A)

Map ID 0491, 0493
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)

Nuaah, qxy, Kong, octave

Shield Owl World is one of the main worlds accessible from The Nexus.

Map of Shield Owl World


Shield Owl World is a large scrolling world filled with checkered isometric walkways, and is home to many large multicolored owl people. The area is decorated by dead trees, grass, and pools of strange red water.

This area highly resembles Shield Folk World from Yume Nikki, containing similar looking geometrical tribal inhabitants.

Just northwest of the entrance is a strange white hole in the ground, leading down to a monochrome staircase. At the bottom of the staircase there is a large human-like creature with an open wound, surrounded by black pools of blood. Going into it will take you to the Flooded Baths.

Down to the southeast of the entrance is a strange formation of red vines (which Urotsuki can use as a seat), and a pair of purple pillars, where walking through them will take you to Clawtree Forest. Northeast of these pillars, you can find a TV set that you can chainsaw, leading to its interior, which takes you to the NES Glitch Tunnel. South of these same pillars, you can find a bloody tree that takes you to Acerola World.

South from the entrance, you can find a rectangular, orange water lantern between two trees, interacting with the it will play a jingle sound and take you to the Water Lantern World. Going slightly north and east of that water lantern, You will find the entrance to The Pansy Path.

Additionally, a pair of black gears can also be found southeast from the main entrance, which lead to Bodacious Rotation Station on interaction.


  • The Nexus → Shield Owl World


  • The parallax background of the map seems to be one of the frames of the Channel 1 animation in the TV Room.
  • The monochrome staircase is also used to check if Yume 2kki installations are working. If it takes you to Flooded Baths, the game has been installed correctly; if not, it will crash.