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    Yume 2kki:Gallery Of Me

    Gallery Of Me
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Watashi korekushon
    Collection of Me

    Effects EffectNone
    Events Gallery Of Me
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Urotsuki's Room NoReturn➡️

    BGM White Out
    Map ID 0458
    Version Added 0.099g
    Last Updated 0.122h patch 2
    Author Yuki-Hitsuji

    The Gallery Of Me is a mysterious hallway that Urotsuki may be randomly transported to upon waking up.

    Full view of the Gallery Of Me

    The Event

    Upon waking up, there is an approximately 0.1223% (roughly 1/818) chance of instead being transported to Gallery Of Me rather than Urotsuki's Room. It is a strange white corridor with numerous clear window-like frames containing various versions of Urotsuki seen throughout her dream adventures, including some not normally seen, such as the front sprite for the aviator outfit from the flight event in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments.

    At the end of the corridor there is a single large window, looking out onto a vivid red cloudy sky. Walking to the far right of the area will cause Urotsuki to wake up and get out of bed as if she had woken up normally.


    Although there is no way to increase the odds of reaching this area, there exist two conditions which must be satisfied before the game will allow you access it in the first place:

    •Urotsuki must have 20 or more effects.

    •You must have at least 100 wallpapers unlocked.

    Some portrait frames may be empty from your gallery, suggesting that you may have to view the corresponding event/location in that spot first (see expanded view of Gallery) before you can unlock that portrait for viewing in the Gallery on your next visit.


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    Yuki-Hitsuji +
    ワタシコレクション +
    458 (?) +
    0.099i patch 1 +, 0.118 patch 5 +, 0.118c patch 3 +, 0.119e patch 5- +  and 0.122h patch 2 +
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