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    Yume 2kki:Urotsuki's Room

    Urotsuki's Room
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Genjitsu heya
    Reality Room
    Yume heya
    Dream Room

    Effects EffectNone
    Events Endings, Vision, Vertigo
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    The Nexus (From the Dream Room)
    Mirror Room Chance🍀 NoReturn➡️ (From the Dream Room)
    Debug Room LockedCondition🔐
    Developer Room LockedCondition🔐
    Gallery Of Me LockedCondition🔐 Chance🍀 NoEntry

    BGM zaza (Dream Room)
    Map ID 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005, 0006, 0042, 0102, 0122, 0123, 0124, 0150, 0221, 0222, 0223, 0224, 0225, 0227, 0249, 0250, 0344, 0402, 0403, 0457, 0598, 0620
    Version Added 0.035b
    Last Updated 0.123e patch 3
    Author 20

    Urotsuki's Room is where the player starts the game. This room and its balcony are two of the only locations Urotsuki can access outside of her dreams.


    Urotsuki's room is pretty big and nicely furnished, overall giving her better living conditions than Madotsuki. The view from her balcony suggests that she lives in a somewhat rural area.

    She has various appliances in her room, such as a Games Console, allowing her to play various minigames, and a Computer, which allows the player to save their progress, view unlocked Wallpapers, and listen to music, among other things.

    Urotsuki refuses to leave her room through the door, and attempting to open it results in her shaking her head in a number of ways; if the player has the key, however, the Developer Room can be accessed through the door.

    There are three variants of the room: day, sunset and night. This also has an impact on Urotsuki's Balcony.

    As the player progresses throughout the game, some little things will be added to Urotsuki's room, if a little subtle at best. Most things are seen after unlocking each of the Endings.


    After unlocking Ending 1, Urotsuki's books will be back in her bookshelf. Interacting with them will let you browse through all the Wallpapers you've unlocked, from #0 to #173.

    After Endings 1-4 have been seen, Urotsuki obtains the key to the Developer Room, which is accessed in a hallway through the door on the right. If Debug Mode is active, you can access the Debug Room from the hallway to the right instead.

    Spoilers end here.

    Quick Select Menu

    Interacting with the drawer at Urotsuki's computer desk will display the menu to toggle the quick select menu added in version 0.99. Selecting yes on the first option enables you to use the drawer in the dream version of the room to set Urotsuki's current effect as a 'favorite' which can then be instantly equipped/unequipped from the menu, accessed via the Shift key.

    The second option lets you choose what kind of quick select you would like.

    • The first style lets you instantly switch to your favorite effect by holding down shift.
    • The second style brings up an interface that lets you visually browse through effects with a scrollbar, or switch to your favorite effect by pressing down. This style is useful for mixing effects. This menu can be opened by pressing the shift key while sleeping.

    Dream Room

    Urotsuki's Room changes a little when she goes to sleep. On the balcony, clothes can be found on the clothesline which indicates the in-game season. In addition, there are two planter boxes on the left and right, whose growth stages correspond to the number of times you've fallen asleep. The left box will have small blue sprouts, which grow after sleeping at least 14, 28, and 42 times (unless a staircase is present). The sprouts in the box on the right, however, grow after sleeping at least 21, 42, and 63 times. Every 100 dreams, the bottom left of the air conditioner can be interacted with for 100 . There is a 20% chance per dream that when attempting to reenter the balcony from the dream room, you will be transported to the Mirror Room (unless Ending ? is active).

    In addition to these differences, the TV shows an assortment of strange images, and the computer shows a variety of obscure wallpapers. There is a 1/31 chance that the computer screen will be red instead of blue, displaying a unique wallpaper when interacted with, although this can only occur if the Crossing effect has been obtained. The console seems to have disappeared completely, but there is now a piggy bank that will appear in her dream room after sleeping more than 7 times. This allows her to obtain a small amount of Money every dream, which is equal to the percentage of the accessible areas that she has visited. Additionally, if the Trombone effect has been collected, a playable xylophone can be found in the bookshelf just next to the piggybank. As of patch 123b Patch 12, to exit the xylophone you need to hold Shift + Z + X and play the rightmost key.

    While dreaming, Urotsuki is able to open the door and access Yume 2kki's 'The Nexus'. Much like Yume Nikki, it is a hub comprised of various Dream Worlds, and exploring them to find and collect effects is the objective in the early game.

    Corrupted Nexus

    Once you have collected Menu Theme #52, there will be a 1/1011 chance each interaction that leaving through the Nexus' door will take you to the Corrupted Nexus. Here, each connection otherwise in The Nexus is garbled, while the real symbols that usually lead to Trophy Room, Red Streetlight World, and old Theatre World are irregularly strewn. They often even occupy the boundaries, that are lined with objects & wood tiling from Urotsuki's Room. Interacting inside of any symbol or touching certain objects will randomize your location. To escape, you must touch the garbled textures, which will disappear along with the objects they are supposed to represent, until the familiar south-facing Dream Room door appears. Leaving through this door puts you in The Nexus. If this is your first time doing so, then the chances to enter this place without equipping the glasses effect now change from 1/1011 to 1/10011.

    Urotsuki's Balcony

    The sliding door at the top of the room leads to the balcony, which is mostly devoid of interest, featuring two empty planter boxes with no plants, a clothesline, and an air conditioner condenser unit.

    Each time a dream sequence has ended, the time of the day on the balcony changes.

    The balcony overlooks a mountainous landscape, apparently covered by forest. On the distant horizon lie the Twin Mountains, which are present in many areas of the Dream World as well, most notably in Urotsuki's Dream Scene in the Flying Fish World, where they are viewed from somewhere presumably below the balcony, flushed in an orange evening glow. They are also referenced on a TV screen.

    Many of the endings take place on the balcony.

    Vision & Vertigo

    Two interconnected events can take place here during the game, one of which includes a subarea. If Urotsuki has killed 50 NPCs (or any higher multiple of 10), there is a chance that she will have a scary Vision upon waking up. The title theme plays slowly and the sound of a closing door can be heard while Urotsuki will appear in a purple-tinted version of her room sitting on a pillow in front of the TV, with a ghostly silhouette of a Shadow Lady standing behind her. After a few seconds the apparition will walk forwards into Urotsuki, and she will snap out of her hallucination and stand up as the light returns to the room. This event will happen again the very next time she wakes up from a dream, but instead of a Shadow Lady, the silhouette will be of Urotsuki holding her chainsaw.

    Sleeping in the bed in Urotsuki's Dream Room after seeing the vision with the Shadow Lady, but before the vision with Chainsaw Urotsuki, will trigger the Vertigo event. After the screen fades to black for a few seconds, Urotsuki will find herself standing on a chair surrounded by a purple wavering static. A distorted, crackling sound grows faster and faster as she stands in place, unmoving. After a few seconds pass, the screen cuts to her having become the shadow of herself from her visions, albeit not holding a chainsaw.

    She stands directly behind a normal version of herself, who can be interacted with from the front to hear her say one of Urotsuki's "stop it!" lines, or chainsawed to wake Urotsuki up from her vision. You can also interact with a TV that Urotsuki sits in front of to view a "no signal" screen.

    Many objects in this state of Urotsuki's room are non-functional as well. The closet and drawers can be opened, but neither produces any visible results besides this, and the game console appears to be broken or unusable. The doorway leading out of the room, however, is entirely usable.

    Walking out the door will take Urotsuki to a dark, empty space with a scrolling background that matches The Nexus. You can pass through the edges of this room to warp to the other side and, interestingly, can observe one half of Urotsuki on the opposite side of the screen while passing through. Each time you enter this area, you and the door back to the bedroom will be positioned on a random place on its map, and you can use the door to switch between this area and the bedroom before waking up to exit.

    If you keep entering and exiting the room through this door, you'll eventually hear the classic "no signal" noise coming from the TV. Urotsuki will be looking up at the TV instead of looking down as usual. Interacting with the TV now will show the the Project Yume2kki logo, followed by an abnormally extended version of the Instructions screen. After a few seconds, the TV will show a blue screen and then start playing credits over images of flowers and the sky. After this, the "real" Urotsuki will be completely gone. Exiting to the empty Nexus once again will show that a construction sign has appeared, indicating that this event might be extended in the future. From here your only option is to wake up.

    Despite experiencing the Vision event after waking up (assuming you did not chainsaw Urotsuki), you will need to meet the conditions to trigger this event again in order to revisit this room, since its ending number will now be 1.

    There is a secret scene that can be accessed during the Vertigo event, if, during the beginning when you sit on the chair surrounded by purple static, you unselect the game window (select another window on your computer) and wait until any sounds stop. When you switch back to the game window, for a split second you will be able to see a red version of Urotsuki's room, with her standing on top of a chair in the middle of the room, grinning. Then, you will be met with an error screen and you will be sent to another room resembling Urotsuki's room with a slightly different wall colour. Trying to exit the room will make Urotsuki shake her head as "no" and trying to go on the balcony will just make the screen black. If you use the Eyeball Bomb or Marginal effects, the tiles in that room will get garbled and a construction sign will appear. If you walk to the left you will find a chair similar to the one from the red bedroom at the beginning of the scene. Going up from that chair you will find a door which can be entered (if not from the front, try from the sides) and you will end up in an empty nexus with a construction sign. Going back through that door will make you enter Urotsuki's room from the balcony. From here onwards, the Vertigo event can be continued as usually,


    • If an effect is somehow equipped in the non-dream version of Urotsuki's room, she gets stuck in place and glitches out (along with the rest of the room) before waking up as normal. This is only possible to see through Debug Mode.
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