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Like Yume Nikki and many of its fangames, there are many events found throughout Yume 2kki. Here is a list of all the current events that can be found, along with their individual locations and what they may unlock when activated. This article doesn't list all the events in this game, only the most remarkable events from the wiki members perspective. Feel free to expand this article by adding more events if necessary.

Note that although these events are listed in alphabetical order, nearly all of their names are NOT official.



Location: Florist

Description: In the Deeper Underground of Florist, close to the beaker that leads to Cocktail Lounge, there is a barred window shows a scene of a messy room from the Shop Ruins when interacted with. Repeatedly interacting with this window has a chance of triggering the Abuse event, where they will be playing as a man with a censored head. This scene shows a large green creature and a transparent figure on a nearby bed, as well as a out-of-reach crowbar. The player can interact with a nearby book, showcasing abstract, disturbing imagery of what appears to be a chained figure. Exiting the book, the player will now be equipped with the crowbar, allowing them to interact with the figure on the bed. Each interaction causes the man to hit the figure, making blood appear, until the screen goes black with a fleshy sound and the player is put back in Urotsuki's shoes. The window will not be interactable again until the player leaves the area.

Amusement Park Clown Hell

This looks promising.

Location: Underwater Amusement Park

Description: Found in the deepest level of the clown dungeon in the Underwater Amusement Park, this event begins once Urotsuki steps through either of two doorways at the last room in the dungeon, just past the jail cells with the skeletons. Urotsuki is transported to the the center of a row of pillars, with NPC children standing on the pillars to the left and to the right. A large piston descends and crushes the boy on the left pillar, leaving an imprint on the base of the piston he was standing on. The same thing then happens to the girl standing on the pillar to the right. Finally, the piston comes down over Urotsuki, crushing her and leaving an imprint of her on the pillar as with the others. The scene then cuts to the pillars of the boy, girl, and Urotsuki having been placed amongst the countless other pillars surrounding the path leading to the entrance to the clown dungeon in the Underwater Amusement Park. Urotsuki then startles awake.

This event unlocks Wallpapers #114 and #129.

Ancient Rave

Party hard, the ancient way.

Location: Ancient Crypt

Description: At the halfway point of exploring the area, the colors will begin to saturate. Going north as this happens will eventually lead to a short corridor with a brown barrel at the end. Interacting with it shows a short animation of an abstract figure flashing different colors while funky music plays. This is a reference to the Aztec Rave Monkey event from the original game.



Location: Ahogeko's House

Description: A lamp can be found near the entrance of Ahogeko's House, which can be disconnected, making the room darker. There's a 1/64 chance that, when disconnecting the lamp, the music will change and the room will become red and blue, with static covering it periodically, and Ahogeko will transform into Aooh, a red mass with two eyes. Interacting with it will take you to a dark, small, looping room with a single ladder to the Bloody Passage, and by keep going further, you'll end up in Ahoo's Trap, an obvious homage to the original Uboa's Trap.

Big Red

What could possibly go wrong here?

Location: Abandoned Factory

Description: This event is accessed by reaching the deepest area of the Abandoned Factory and using the ladder to the northeast, then going down the only feasible path that eventually leads to a sewer with a blob-like creature wading in the water. Upon walking past this screen, Urotsuki will suddenly find herself face-to-face with a large red monster (not unlike Yume Nikki's Big Red) and then swallowed whole. Afterwards, she will be transported to a world very similar to Yume Nikki's Windmill World.

Blood Sacrifice

The white rooted creature and blood sacrifice table

Location: Blood World

Description: This event is accessed by stepping into the largest pool of blood in Blood World and chainsawing the white rooted creature that can be found in front of the blood sacrifice table. Doing so will cause the room to become dark, and make the music scary. Ghosts will swarm Urotsuki and inhibit her motion while Scary Faces pursue her. If they catch her, the screen fades to black, and Urotsuki wakes up. Viewing this event will unlock Wallpaper #101.

Book Return

Let me in... LET ME INNNN!!!!!

Location: Eyeball Archives

Description: While you're in this area, equiping the Glasses effect will reveal a sparkling book in one of the tables of the library, interacting with it will make a moving book appear at the Library, picking it and returning it to the Eyeball npc at the north of the Eyeball Archives will allow you to go past the counter.

Going north you will reach a ladder that you can't climb yet, head west from this sector into the bar, interact with the npc at the top right, if you have at least 20, it will play a song for you. After hearing it, you will grant access to the ladder.

Interacting with the lone bunny at the top will grant you the Bunny Ears Effect.

Buddha Rave

Urotsuki attains moksha.

Location: Marijuana Goddess World

Description: Probably the easiest to find of all the events, this one located almost directly east from entrance to Marijuana Goddess World and is similar to the Aztec Rave Monkey from Yume Nikki. Stepping on the flashing red tile on the idol’s forehead will activate a full-screen event where a moving image of the figure will zoom in and out while upbeat music plays.

Activating this event also changes Marijuana Goddess World’s background to images of the deity and unlocks Wallpaper #5.

Youtube Video of the Buddha Rave event.

Chasers in Urotsuki’s Room

This is just a surprise sleepover, right?

Location: Urotsuki's Dream Apartments

Description: There is a chance that when you turn the TV on in Urotsuki’s Dream Apartments, instead of the normal Shadow Woman appearing in front of the curtains and the TV at channel 5, the TV will turn to channel 0 and show many different Chasers in the room with her. The background music will become much more ominous and the chasers will become real. If the chasers catch you, you’ll wake up. As of v0.96, if you manage to escape the room without being caught (Note that the clown can still move around while the Invisible effect is equipped), there will be flat Shadow Women standing in front of two doors (they will not move) and a fox-masked man in front of a third door. If Urotsuki tries to go downstairs, the man will run up to her and cause her to wake up.

If you make it outside the room and get caught by the fox-masked man, Kura Puzzle #42 will be unlocked.

Chasers in the Woods

Um, this is just a prank, right? You guys can stop now..

Location: Fairy Tale Woods

Description: Heading north from the entrance, you can find a person in the well. Dropping them, and heading back to the entrance will start the event. As you head down the long streetlight path, chasers will start to appear running behind you, eventually capturing Urotsuki and forcing her to wake up.

The Cloning Room

Copy & paste gone horribly wrong.

Location: Red Brick Maze

Description: This event is found by going down a flight of stairs in the Red Brick Maze. Inside the room are some giant books, a poster, and a clone of Urotsuki sitting on purple pedestal with some red wires hooked into her connected to a large machine. Interacting with the control panel next to her will make her jump off of the pedestal and rapidly create clones of herself, filling up the room quite quickly.

Unless you have the Chainsaw it is recommended that you move towards the exit after turning the switch on, otherwise you may find yourself trapped. Exiting and re-entering the room will cause the clones to disappear, but the machine will still be turned on and will soon begin to fill up with clones again.

The clones will respond to certain effects; equipping the Eyeball Bomb will make them do the same, while equipping Invisible and disappearing will make the clones disappear. Interestingly, the clones will also similarly react to Wolf and Penguin, but only in debug mode.

Interestingly, before turning on the panel the screen above it will read “RUN” (turning it on will change it to “OUN” temporarily and then to “OK”).

Activating this event also unlocks Wallpaper #69.

A Youtube video of the event.

(Note: It is possible to softlock the game here. If you try to kill the clone that spawns more clones, you'll get caught in an infinite loop of killing it over and over, unable to do anything but close the game.)

Giant Cloning Room

She just never learns.

Location: Red Brick Maze

Description: This event is found by going down the same flight of stairs in the Red Brick Maze that will take you to The Cloning Room. After viewing Ending #4 you have a 1/10 chance of being taken to a large, spacious room, sparsely decorated with giant books.

At the top of the room, a clone of Urotsuki is sitting on purple pedestal with some red wires hooked into her, connected to a large machine. Interacting with the control panel next to her will make her jump off of the pedestal and rapidly create clones of herself, slowly filling the gigantic room.

Unless you have the Chainsaw it is recommended that you move towards the exit after turning the switch on, otherwise you may find yourself trapped. Exiting and re-entering the room will cause the clones to disappear, but the machine will still be turned on and will soon begin to fill up with clones again.

The clones will respond to certain effects; equipping the Eyeball Bomb will make them do the same, while equipping Invisible and disappearing will make the clones disappear. Interestingly, the clones will also similarly react to Wolf and Penguin, but only in debug mode. Additionally, when no effect is equipped, the clones will scatter and move away from the real Urotsuki.

Interestingly, before turning on the panel the screen above it will read “RUN” (turning it on will change it to “OUN” temporarily and then to “OK”).

After a while, the cloning machine will stop working, however the cloning sound effect won't stop playing.

Clowns at the Circus

Lots of crazy clowns

Location: The Circus

Description: Getting near the albino girl in the circus tent causes the screen to go black for a few seconds while a loud sound of a door opening (or closing) plays twice. Suddenly, a clown will appear in the tent with you. The Invisible effect doesn’t work on these clowns. If it catches you, you’ll be transported to a sectioned off area of the Shinto Shrine. If you manage to evade it (using the Crossing effect) and make it back outside, the area will be swarming with clowns moving at twice their normal speed. Getting caught by these will also send you to the sectioned off area of the Shinto Shrine.

If you manage to escape the clown and make it outside, Wallpaper #109 will be unlocked.

The Colossus of Rhomb

"Check out my new tats," said the giant.

Location: Square-Square World

Description: If the player has visited either the Cog Maze, used the glasses in the secret room required for Ending -1 in Flying Fish World, or visited the moonlit balcony accessed by interacting with the Helmet Girl, and has had at least four drinks, they can head left from the Theatre World entrance to Square-Square World through the doorway, and keep going left. If one of these conditions are met the screen will fade out as you travel, and you'll come to a narrow pathway, with the view zoomed out. Immediately start walking to the left, without stopping, as you have a very limited amount of time to reach the end. Stopping for even an instant will end the event prematurely. If successful, the camera should pan to the left once you reach the edge of the pathway, revealing a gigantic creature, partially submerged in mud. Urotsuki then wakes up.

Creatures of the Power Plant

This isn't how you clean an aquarium.

Location: Power Plant

Description: From the entrance from Sign World, keep moving towards the right and you’ll come to a hallway where lots of different monsters can be seen in tanks. As you continue moving down this path, it will gradually get darker, and eventually you’ll come to a room with a large red circle with what looks like a tiled floor on the inside of it. Stepping onto the circle causes the screen to shake and make loud thudding noises, will quickly become more intense, and suddenly a hole will appear in the floor and you’ll fall through. The screen will cut to black, and when it comes back on, Urotsuki will be trapped in the empty tank you passed by. Pressing the interact key breaks her out of it.

Although the tank will be destroyed, you can still go back to the room and trigger this event as many times as you want.

Activating this event unlocks Wallpaper #132.

The Crying Eyes

Why are you so sad?

Location: Cloudy World

Description: Within Cloudy World, there's a cave with droplets trickling down the wall. Interacting with the wall will pan the screen upward reveals the droplets are tear from a pair of eyes. Repeatedly panning upward will cause the eyes to open. They react to various effects.

The Cursed Corridor

Looks like someone forgot to clean the corridors.

Location: Execution Ground

Description: If you have killed the blonde lady in one of the rooms of the Atelier, there will be a static flash when going half way through. The area will then take a more dreadful appearance, with the door being locked, leading the you to go all the way to the rest of the corridor. Along the way, the corridors become increasingly disturbing in appearance, and turning back at any point will return you to the lobby, forcing you to start from the beginning. Making your way to the end, the blonde lady whom you have slain will chase you, where getting caught by her will cause static to flash. At the end of the area, you will find a pink door similar in appearance to the corridor in its normal state, and entering it will return the corridor to normal, enabling access to the Atelier once again.

Danger Panic Zone


Location: Broken Faces Area

Description: Technically, this is more of a separate area than an actual event. Walking though the mouth of the white face with bleeding eyes and white hands beside it will transport you to the Danger Panic Zone, a small looping area where one-eyed black and white creatures resembling fetuses will move around frantically while a variation of Monochrome Feudal Japan’s background music will play, startling any unsuspecting players. Using the Invisible effect here will cause the creatures to become transparent and crowd around Urotsuki and follow her, doing this will unlock Wallpaper #179. Walking through the face’s mouth again will take you back to the Broken Faces Area.


Don't mess with black sheep.

Location: Realistic Beach

Description: At the very end of the cave area at the Realistic Beach, after having gone upside down, the player is met with a small area featuring an inverted telephone pole in front of a bright sky. There is only one NPC here, a black sheep near the end bouncing up and down. Chainsawing it causes it to bleat and make the screen turn dark. More chainsaw noises are heard, and then the screen shows a slightly-graphic picture of a decapitated Urotsuki before she wakes up on the floor. While this does not unlock it, Wallpaper #34 features the sheep character from this event.


Let the party begin!

Location: Smiley Face DECK

Description: Somewhere in one of the dead ends of this world, there is a cycloptic mushroom that you can interact with, once you do it, the screen will begin to wave a few times, and the whole area will become colorful while upbeat music is playing, the background turns neon and moves rapidly, and all the faces on the tiles turn into smiley faces. The entire screen will momentarily distort every few seconds.

Dive Into the Deep

Down we go...

Location: Erratic Pillar Lands

Description: Inside the caves are rocky pathways, with what appears to be a drilling machine in the central area, jumping to the hole made by the machine will lead to a little underwater section where Urotsuki can dive down to Ocean Subsurface. Doing this will unlock Wallpaper #412.

Dream of Roses

This is certainly a sight.

Location: Red Rock Caves

Description: After entering the small grotto by chainsawing either of the two NPCs blocking it, the player will find themself before a two large, gel-like creatures combining their red and green colors together to form a blue fluid that's pouring down into a rose. Interacting with it with the Fairy or Rainbow effects will lead Urotsuki to take a stroll through a beautiful path filled with flowers, other creatures, and calm music. Eventually, pictures of roses will fade in and the path will end with four more creatures gazing over a waterfall together. Urotsuki will jump down it and find herself in a small bunch of rose petals at the first part of the cave.

Alternatively, interacting with the rose while using the Chainsaw or Torch effects will lead to a different version of the event where the hallway will grow to be ominous, with blood and dead plants halfway through. Doing this will lead the rose to be permanently destroyed, making it so the original event can no longer be accessed.

Seeing this event unlocks Wallpaper #200.



Location: Depths

Description: This event is triggered by interacting with the brown teleport node. Initially, Urotsuki will be sinking deep into the ocean as a view of the cliffside and the flora floats by. After a while, her face will darken and she will slump to the side as if no longer conscious, and the screen fades to black. After a few seconds, however, there will be three bright flashes, and Urotsuki will light back up again as she sinks into the very bottom of the ocean. When she wakes up, she will be in an area with many fish lying on the ground, and what appears to be a massive pile of wreckage in the forefront. This event previously unlocked Wallpaper #170, as well as granting access to one of the ten Eggs.

Duet with Elvis Masada

We make a good team.

Location: Elvis Masada's Place

Description: Interacting with Elvis Masada while having Trombone effect equipped will start the event. Doing so will treat you to a brief scene where Elvis Masada and Urotsuki play together in a smooth jazz duet.

Duet With The Piano Girl


Location: Tricolor Room

Description: After killing the Piano Girl and re-entering the room, there will be a hole in the floor, equiping the Child effect and falling into it will lead you to a secret room with a piano, interacting with it will have 3 different results:

  • If you have entered the Titan's Pier at least once, there's a chance that Urotsuki and The Piano Girl will play a piano arrangement of the song that plays in said world, there are two versions of this arrangement, one will play only the last part of the song, and the other version is the full song.
  • Urotsuki will play a short, melancholic tune by herself, without the Piano Girl.
  • Urotsuki will play a short piano arrangement of the PC default theme, the room will be sepia, fading to black as the song continues, until there's silence, this will wake Urotsuki up. This will always happen if you interact with the piano for the second time.

The Fisherman

How did Urotsuki get so small?

Location: The underwater area between the School and the Dream Beach

Description: A somewhat lesser-known event. Normally, to reach the Dream Beach, you have to interact with the hook in the middle of the underwater area, but if you have the Penguin effect on and interact with it you’ll be taken to another small area that also looks like it’s underwater. It’s completely blue and the only other thing in the map is a sad looking fish that seems to ‘deflate’ if you try to interact with it (you can actually walk on top of it when it deflates), and a valve to the right. Interacting with the valve causes it to open and it’ll be revealed that you’re actually inside the fisherman’s bucket! A large picture of the fisherman next to the bucket will show briefly and a small Urotsuki will fall out of the valve and back into the water.


And we're off!

Location: Urotsuki's Dream Apartments

Description: When going into the Apartment Amoeba's room, there is a 1 in 8 chance of a tree being present on the wall near the kitchen. Going inside it leads the player to a small room with a painting of a balcony. Interacting with it leads the player to the rooftop overlooking a city with a plane. Getting inside it leads to a small scene that's a reference to the Witch's Flight event from the original game. Pressing ESC leads the player back.

The Flying Whale

Whale whale whale.. Look who just learned to fly

Location: Paradise

Description: There's a 1/5 chance that, when the transition bridge section at the right of the ark is entered, a large whale flies by in front of the foreground. Seeing this whale is one of the conditions for unlocking Wallpaper #293.

The Flower Lady

A haunted balcony?

Location: Apartments

Description: The Flower Lady can be found in the far left room on the ground floor of the Apartments. If you chainsaw her OR her pet caterpillar and walk out onto the balcony, it will have holes in it and be covered in purple vines. Many ghostly copies of the Flower Lady will follow you around. Interestingly, the other balconies on the left and the right are also covered in purple vines and have holes in them. Walking back into the apartment room will cause the Flower Lady to respawn and the balcony will return to normal.

Fresh Bait

Era bait bro!

Location: Blizzard Plains

Description: Somewhere in the Blizzard Plains, there is a small pool of ice with a sign with an exclamation mark near it. Stepping on it several times will cause Urotsuki to fall through and end up in a huge body of water with the Penguin effect automatically equipped. After some time, a giant fish will appear on the horizon, who will swing its tail faster and faster. After some time, the fish will attack Urotsuki all of a sudden, swallowing her entirely and forcing her to wake up.

Gallery of Me

Look at all those Urotsukis!

Location: Gallery Of Me

Description: Upon waking up, there is a roughly 1/818 chance of instead being transported to the Gallery Of Me, a strange white corridor filled with clear window-like frames containing various versions of Urotsuki.

Ghostly Ambush

What have you done, Urotsuki...

Location: Rainy Town

Description: After killing the Lamplighter, exiting the room will reveal that the town has been invaded by spider-like creatures, the lamp folk dissapeared and the door to the exit is now red. Trying to enter this door will trigger an event where some of those spider creatures are tearing apart the rest of the lamp folk. Right after this, the Lamplighter will appear, who will start to back off in fear of the spider-like apparitions while static can be heard in the background. The spider creatures will then quickly rush towards the Lamplighter, presumably killing them in the process. The screen will then cut to black and after a short period, the screen will rapidly flash an image of the Lamplighter, whose face is totally broken apart, a broken heart inside. Urotsuki will be forced to wake up with a start after this.

Giant Cat

Urotsuki takes a cat-nap.

Location: School

Description: Like the Danger Panic Zone, this is more of a separate area than an actual event. There’s a black cat found in the fourth room of the School; interacting with its north side transports you to a small area with an enormous cat. You can pet the cat and it’ll purr loudly. You can also sit on it or climb up onto its back. Moving between its tail and leg causes it to meow loudly at you. There are two black and white cat-like NPCs moving around in the area, interacting with either takes you back to the room in the School.

Sometimes the cat is found on top of a desk; in that case you’ll need to equip the Chainsaw to scare it off.

The Graveyard’s Sculpture

They're rather protective of their art projects...

Location: Graveyard World

Description: This event is found in the small gray building in Graveyard World. Entering it will take you to a small room with a large, strange green and turquoise sculpture with splatters of the same color on the floor. This room also houses nine purple monsters, the same kind found outside the room, except these ones can’t be killed. To active the event, you must chainsaw the sculpture. The music will become more high-pitched and ominous and causes the purple monsters to come alive and chase you. If they catch you, the screen will turn red, and after a transition both the sculpture and the monsters will be gone and you won’t be able to exit the room. If you manage to escape the room without being caught, outside will be more purple monsters forming a square around the building, trapping you, while more of them inside the square (the same ones found right outside the building before you entered it) will chase you, trapping you in the same room. The Invisible effect doesn’t work on any of the monsters.

But it is, in fact, possible to escape without getting caught by using the Bat effect. After chainsawing the sculpture, equip the Bike and quickly move towards the door. Before exiting, equip the Bat effect, and while outside immediately hold down the interact key to mark the spot Urotsuki is standing in, then hold it down a second time to fly up into the air… although there’s not quite enough time to do both things before getting caught (by this time the monsters should have gathered around you and the screen has turned red) , but Urotsuki will still fly into the air, and when she flies back down, the screen will still be red, but the purple monsters forming the square will fade away, the screen will turn back to normal and the monsters that would normally chase you will become docile again. By doing this, it’s possible to activate the event more than once.

Youtube Video of the event.


Urotsuki ate the brown acid.

Location: Laboratory

Description: If you kill the head scientist in his office, the other scientists will become chasers. When they touch you, they will take you to be a test subject for a hallucinogenic substance. Urotsuki will be in a small room behind a glass wall being monitored by the scientists, all whilst having a trippy hallucination with Shadow Women, red hourglasses, yellow blobs, forest creatures and purple graveyard monsters dancing around her. Multicolored neon patterns will be moving around the room and wonky music will be playing. If you go up to the glass where the scientists are (Urotsuki will also move slower than usual) and press the action button, she will bang her head against the glass. After doing this several times, the hallucination will go away, but she will still continue to do it until blood can be seen on the glass. Two scientists come in to try and restrain her, Urotsuki finally falls unconscious and you will wake up. Something of note is that using any effects is impossible during the entire event, both during the Hallucination, and smashing your head on the glass.

Haniwa Dance

Dance party!

Location: Haniwa Temple

Description: In the temple, use the Haniwa effect to move the haniwa statue blocking the pathway, then go up the pathway and interact with the statue at the end to view the Haniwa Dance event. Haniwa statues will dance on screen while a happy tune plays.

The Haunted Cabinet

What am I looking at...

Location: Nostalgic House

Description: Going through the second hallway of the area leads to a room featuring a dead plant, a lamp, and a large cabinet. Interacting with it will cause it to open and show a few frames of static before the screen goes dark. It then shows a full screen, monochromatic image of a naked woman sitting next to a dark hole, accompanied by grinding noises and an old TV filter. Using the arrow keys will reveal that her face has been scribbled out, and this can be done indefinitely.

High Priestess

The radio.

Location: Forest Carnival

Description: Interacting with the radio in area of the Forest Carnival with the ladders in the sky will start the event. The screen will darken and Urotsuki will be in a new area with ominous music and a giant, faceless Virgin Mary statue. Interacting with the statue will make the screen pan upward to show her face (or lack of one, rather). To the left and right of the statue are tents with a sleeping person and a normal-sized Virgin Mary statue inside. Chainsawing the person in the room on the right and then leaving the tent will take you to a different area with six white dressers. After applause, the dressers will open, releasing fast, small blob-like chasers. Urotsuki must then navigate the area and chainsaw the dressers while evading the shadow blobs. If she is caught after a certain number of times (seemingly a random number around 1-4), she will be teleported to an inescapable area. If she succeeds, the screen will fade to black and then reveal six carnies- implying that Urotsuki killed them.

It is highly recommended to use the Crossing Effect to complete this event.

Honoring the Dead

Urotsuki in her dress holding flowers as she walks by the graves and coffins

Location: Dream Mexico

Description: After interacting with a black coffin in the rightmost house, you'll be sent to another room inhabited by the same NPCs seen just outside the house, now visible without the need of the Invisible or Grave effects, and Urotsuki now wears a beautiful black funeral attire. After going right for a while, you'll see the same NPC found in the cyber maze that brought you here, interacting with it will take you to another section of the cyber maze fully decorated with marigolds, coffins and graves, the skeleton NPCs are here as well. By going all the way to the right and interacting with the skeleton at the end, Urotsuki will turn around and start to leave flowers behind her as she leaves the place. The skeleton will then follow the trail and Urotsuki will be back into the original room with the black coffin, now decorated with the same flowers she was holding in her hands. This event unlocks Wallpaper #210 and can only be seen once.

The Hospital Chainsaw Massacre

Aojiru makes a really bad first impression.

Location: Hospital

Description: There are a series of consecutive hallways in the Hospital, each containing three doors. The middle door in the last hallway leads to a room containing a bed with something moving underneath the bedsheets. Interacting with the bed will make it start oozing a green fluid, staining the bedsheets and eventually teleporting Urotsuki to an inescapable room covered in a sickly, green wash with no windows.

This room is home to Aojiru, a patient in the hospital hooked up to an IV. Although Aojiru does nothing but stand there like a lemon, interacting with them will automatically make Urotsuki cut them down with the chainsaw, even if she does not currently possess the chainsaw effect. She will then be trapped in the room, with no way out except for the Eyeball Bomb effect or pinching herself awake.

Into the Mirror

Location: Jigsaw Puzzle World

Description: Once the witch has left the main room, the player will be able to access another small room featuring a glossy mirror with reversed music. Upon first interaction, it shows a picture of the witch and then of Urotsuki. After this, it will turn purple, and then using different effects on it will result in a few different outcomes.

Using the Polygon effect will play a static noise and then show a distorted image of Urotsuki's room with her dressed up as the witch and sitting in the very middle. The game then cuts back to the mirror room, which will have the player be drawn to it before waking up in the same position as the picture. Using the Marginal effect, however, will unlock the witch as an effect, which can only be used in this world.

Both of these scenarios will unlock Wallpaper #154.

It Came From Behind

It came from behind!

Location: Neon City

Description: While exploring the Neon City, there is a 1/2500 chance that "It Came From Behind" will appear, a black and red monster that merely floats by while making a small melody. It cannot interact with the player in any way, and unlocks a Kura Puzzle upon seeing it. The event is a reference to Takofuusen from the original Yume Nikki.

Japanese Turntables Event

Turntables event.png

Location: Urban Street Area

Description: Normally the Urban Street Area is a fairly empty, quiet area, but by using the Fairy effect here it causes a purple creature to fall and hit the ground behind you with a splat. A pair of turntables will appear while shadows of people walking around also appear at random moments. Interacting with the turntables causes a hip hop-like beat to play, and pressing the arrow and interact keys lets you add other beats on top of it. This also causes the screen to change colors and pictures of maps to flash up on screen.

The Lady and the Sun

Um, can you move?

Location: Forlorn Beach House

Description: This event is found on the second floor of the Forlorn Beach House. Going through the last door on this floor leads to a small path where a lady in white can be seen under a large, red sun with one eye. Trying to equip the Chainsaw here will cause the screen to take on a red hue, the sun’s eye will glow, and your Chainsaw will be de-equipped.

Activating this event unlocks Wallpaper #77.

The Lamppost-Girl

Little too close.

Location: Apartments

Description: Hiboushi, as she's seen here, is commonly thought of as Yume 2kki's equivalent of Monoe and is found in a path near the Apartments. Trying to interact with her causes a detailed picture of her (drawn in a similar style to Monoe) to appear on screen before disappearing along with the girl. You can activate this event once per dream.

Lonely Urotsuki

Er, where am I?

Location: Underwater Amusement Park

Description: After visiting all of the sections in the Underwater Amusement Park and returning to the entrance, interact with the LED-matrix display when it says “さよおなら” (Goodbye) to activate the Lonely Urotsuki event. You’ll be transported to a scene where a transparent, child Urotsuki will be standing all alone in the middle of a sectioned off road surrounded by fences, while shadow people walk past with their children. Walking back through the entrance takes you back to the Underwater Amusement Park and the board’s text will change, so you’ll have to view most of the attractions again if you want to witness this event more than once.

If you’re using the Child effect before interacting with the electric board, the event will change slightly. When this happens, you’ll be the one in the middle of the road. The shadow people won’t interact with you, and if you try to bring up the menu, they’ll all smile menacingly. There’s a break in the top part of the fence where a normal-size Urotsuki watches the event in the darkness. Walking through the break in the fence takes you back to the Underwater Amusement Park.

If you also use the Glasses effect during this event and press the interact key, the shadow people will also smile in the same way they do when you’re using the Child effect.

This event unlocks quite a few Wallpapers. Activating this event unlocks Wallpaper #67 and #134, and if you’re using the Child effect, Wallpaper #94 will be unlocked. Using the Glasses effect during the event unlocks Wallpaper #74, although a possible alternative to this is using the Stretch effect and crying during the event.

Madotsuki’s Room

Whoops, wrong dream.

Location: Never-Ending Hallway

Description: Again, this event is more of a separate area than an event. After passing by the smiling man in the hallway, you may come across a window that’s completely dark. Interacting with it takes you to a room that closely resembles Madotsuki’s room from Yume Nikki. While inside, the screen often cuts to static for brief moments. There doesn’t appear to be anything you can interact with in the room, and if you stay in it for too long, static will take up the entire screen and you’ll be sent back out into the Never-Ending Hallway.

Maiden Outlook Event

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a floating head!

Location: Maiden Outlook

Description: Entering from either area will place you in front of a bus on a cliff overlooking a suburban town, moving towards the left side of the cliff reveals an enormous geisha sitting off in the distance. The menu is inaccessible in this area.

The time of day in this area changes randomly with each visit. If it’s daytime or the evening when you arrive, moving all the way the edge of the cliff causes the geisha’s head to rocket off her body and fall next to you. After this event plays, you’ll be taken back to wherever you entered the area from.

If it’s midnight when you arrive, the geisha will already be headless, and her head will be flying over the town, moving in and out of the foreground and doing spins.

After witnessing this event, entering Marijuana Goddess World during the same dream session may instead take you to the Maiden Outlook a second time, although very rarely.

  • To reach the outlook from Japan Town you have to sit next to the man reading a newspaper, known as News Man. Sitting at the bus stop with him and waiting a few seconds makes a bus arrive and pick both of you up, taking you to the Maiden Outlook.

March of Progress

Become Monkey...

Location: Chess World

Description: Inside Chess World, there are two chess pieces with signs beside them. Going between them brings you to a hallway similar to those in the Monkey Mansion. In the room at the end of the hall is a throne Urotsuki can sit on. Doing so puts you in control of a brief event parodying the March of Progress.

Mask Shop Ambush

Well then.

Location: Mask Shop

Description: While inside the Mask Shop, ringing the bell several times without buying a mask will slowly darken the shopkeeper's expression until her eyes aren't visible. Trying to leave afterward will spawn a ghostly clown chaser at the doorway, which walks slowly towards you. doubling back up towards the shop will spawn an army of ghostly clowns, effectively trapping Urotsuki.

When the clown catches her, any effect or mask will be unequipped and the screen will shake and fade to black. When it fades back in it will show a monochrome view of the mask shop, with Urotsuki's decapitated head turned into a mask, and placed on the shelf with the others.

Masked Dance

Stealing the show!

Location: Opal Archives

Description: Once you changed clothes in one of the shelves in this world, you'll be able to interact with a woman in a blue dress at the ballroom. The screen will fade to black as the spotlight iluminates Urotsuki and her companion, who will soon start to dance along with you as Waltz music can be heard. This event ends only you press the X button and can only be triggered once each time you enter this area, wake up or use the Eyeball Bomb effect.

Mechanical Heart Act


Location: Amphitheater

Description: Taking a sit on the Amphitheater's audience seats will show a stage performance, where two masked performers dance on stage as piano music plays, after a mechanical heart is shown above the stage.

Mirror Urotsuki

...Which one is which?

Location: Day and Night Towers

Description: There is a room in the Day and Night Towers that appears to be some sort of mirror, where a copy of you (your ‘reflection’) will copy your movements. If you chainsaw this Urotsuki though, you’ll hear two high-pitched screams and both of you will fade, causing you to wake up. Using the Glasses effect will cause the reflection's face to vanish and make an eye appear on its chest.

Using different effects in this room will cause the reflection to react to them visually in different ways:

  • Wolf - makes your reflection use the Red Riding Hood effect, and vice versa.
  • Tall - makes your reflection use the Child effect, and vice versa.
  • Biker Wolf - makes your reflection copy you, but with a snazzy pair of goggles on her head.
  • Haniwa - doesn't make your reflection copy you, but it will make her blur as she tries to walk around with you.
  • Glasses- Your reflection's face will be replaced with a hole and her shirt will have an eye on it

Chainsawing your reflection unlocks Wallpaper #70.

Monochrome Eye


Location: The monochrome room in Flying Fish World

Description: A full-screen event that happens when you interact with the large eye on the wall. Interacting with it causes a gray kaleidoscope-like image to appear and spin around on the screen for a few seconds before zooming in on it and fading away.

Monochromatic Flying Creature

It also came from behind!

Location: Monochromatic Abyss

Description: There is a 1/2500 chance, rolled every half-second, that a white creature with two faces will appear on screen while you are in this world, in a very similar fashion to the original Takofuusen. The music will change to a funny short tune as well.


That didn't end very well.

Location: Parasite Laboratory

Description: There is a large vessel at the end of the facility containing a parasitic creature, interacting with it won't do anything, unless you try to attack it with the Chainsaw, which will cause the creature to escape, turning on the alarms. Leaving the room will show that the creature mutated the entire laboratory into a morbid place filled with what appears to be vines and the elevator is now gaping maws. Leaving the laboratory will make everything return to normal.

The Nail Lady

Let's dance!

Location: Nail World

Description: Near the upper left area of the world lies a mannequin with Urotsuki's plain pattern cut across its body. Chainsawing it five times will lead to a sectioned-off part of the map with a lady in a white dress spinning on a platform in the middle. Interacting with her will cause her to spin faster and have her head pop off and then show a full-screen image of her. After this, more headless women will appear spinning on the other platforms.

Neon Sea Monster

Like if you got jumpscared by this thing at least once.

Location: Neon Sea

Description: There is a 1/500 chance, rolled every half-second, that a sea monster will swim through the foreground while you're here, in a very similar fashion to Takofuusen and some other similar creatures you can encounter in other worlds as well. Seeing this creature unlocks Wallpaper #209.

Nurie Event

Clicking with the crayon in the part showed above, unlock messages in symbols.

Location: Library

Description: Nurie Event (塗り絵イベント "Coloring Book Event") is a phenomenon found in the coloring book only seen using the Child, obtained in Board Game Islands.

Every time Urotsuki enters the Dream World, there is a 1/48 chance that upon interacting with the coloring book, the surrounding area will slowly brighten and the book will turn into what looks like a distorted image of a squid, slowly changing colors. Using the coloring book's crayon on this page will cause the screen to lightly flash red while clicking on the right eye of this squid with the crayon will show six messages in symbols. After the first five messages, the book will let out a scream with its sixth message before it slowly fades away, returning Urotsuki to the Library.

Odorika’s Dance


Location: Red Streetlight World

Description: Odorika is found standing next to a single streetlight inside a larger circle of streetlights in Red Streetlight World. Interacting with her while bowing with the Maiko effect causes a full-screen event where an animation of Odorika and her rabbits are dancing.

Interestingly, the animation of Odorika dancing seems to have been made with Flipnote Studio (with a few minor edits).

Activating this event unlocks Wallpaper #20 and Kura Puzzle #18, although you don’t need the Maiko effect to unlock the Kura Puzzle, you just need to interact with her. A video showcasing the event can be found here.

Operator Cyborg

Who knows what kind of nightmares she had to go through...

Location: Rusty Urban Complex

Description: By going to the Urban Complex through the Dream Pool, you will find a secret room inhabited by a single girl, she won't react to you unless you equip the Plaster Cast effect, which will show a close-up, animated scene of her, sitting at her work station, gazing at you, then looking to her own injured arm while calming and sad music plays. This will unlock Wallpaper #367.

Out-of-Body Experience

How did this even happen?

Location: Innocent Dream

Description: By interacting with the piano, previously the Piano Girl, in Innocent Dream, Urotsuki will be taken to an isolated room with Ninetails. Urotsuki's soul will then leave her body. Her only option is to be caught by the fox creature, which teleports her to the bedroom in the Tricolor Room. This used to send Urotsuki to the couch in the Fantasy Library or the Cloud Floor if text events were disabled.

Party With Firehead

Let's just ignore that fire can´t exist underwater

Location: Aquatic Cube City

Description: Stepping on a specific part of the ground in this world will make Firehead appear dancing as disco music starts to play and the screen flashes in various different colors. You can either ignore her and continue you journey or kill her to potentially win 1000¥

The Paying Customer

Thank you kind sir.

Location: The Hotel in Japan Town

Description: Starting from the entrance of the Hotel, go through the left doorway and then go down the stairs to the bottom floor. There should be three doorways here, and you’ll want to go through the doorway on the left. Going through this doorway leads you behind the front desk, where the smiling geisha sometimes is. While behind the desk, if you wait a bit, a shadow blob NPC will walk up to the desk and pay you some money (note that you have to be all the way to the left of the desk for it to pay you), and then walk into the left doorway. You can only activate this event once per game.

Peak Event

we could say that this is peak event, got it?

Location: Twisted Thickets

Description: Right at the end of the forest you'll encounter a tent, turning on the lamp with the Lantern effect and then sleeping on the sleeping bag will take you to a calmer section of the forest. Here, the water reflects the night sky and there's no fog, by keeping going forward you'll eventually reach the peak of the mountains, where a beautiful landscape under a full moon can be seen. In previous versions you'd automatically wake up after some time, but since version 0.122g patch 5 this will take you to the bedroom from Grandma's House in Decrepit Village.

Penguin GB Game

This doesn't feel right.

Location: Urotsuki's Dream Apartments

Description: This event is required to get the Penguin effect.

In Urotsuki’s room inside the dream apartments, interacting with the game console will transport you into a game viewed through heavy scanlines, featuring a series of grassy ledges connected by ladders that are watched over by two NPCs with strangely shaped heads. When you first start, you’ll be wearing the Penguin effect, although you can open the menu and equip other effects.

One of these NPCs patrols the the topmost ledge and must be passed using one of the ladders to progress, but it does not pose a threat to Urotsuki and will simply turn around if it collides with her.

If you equip the glasses effect near the platform the ladder leads down to, it will reveal a flashing red orb on the platform behind the second stationary NPC that is seemingly unreachable, but there is a 60/255 (approximately 23.5%) chance determined when you go to sleep that it will be floating close enough to the ledge above that you can interact with it, which will take you to a glitched out level in the game with non-traversable geometry with no way to leave, forcing you to use the Eyeball Bomb or wake up.

Once past the patrolling NPC, If you keep going to the right you’ll probably notice that you’re stuck on a looping path. To get past this, you have to use the Penguin effect to slide past the barrier. then you can continue going to the right. Once beyond the looping path, continuing to the right leads to the next area, a cliff with a small ledge sticking out of it.

Pressing the down arrow key near the ledge causes Urotsuki to jump off it, but a shadowy figure appears behind her and laughs, hinting that she was pushed off instead of jumping off. Doing this ‘completes’ the game and you’ll wake up.

Note that you don’t need to finish the game to keep the Penguin effect, you can wake up or Eyeball Bomb yourself out of the game and you’ll still get the effect.

Getting the Penguin effect unlocks Wallpaper #86 and Kura Puzzle #29, and if you complete the Penguin GB Game you’ll also unlock Wallpaper #105.

Photorealistic Event

Look at those graphics!

Location: Fused Faces World

Description: There's an interruptor somewhere in this world, interacting with it will make the whole area photorealistic and chasers will appear, if caught you will be sent to an isolated area with a giant face in the background and disfigured faces surrounding you.

Possessed by Yourself

You are your worst enemy.

Location: Static Noise Hell

Description: You can find a clone of Urotsuki hidden deep into the labyrinth, by interacting with her, you will change positions with her and start controlling the fake instead, if you don't interact with the real Urotsuki before she fades away, the copy will take possession of her body and the screen will glitch out, forcing Urotsuki to wake up, unlocking Wallpaper #345.


Location: Gemstone Cave

You definitely deserved that.

Description: Somewhere within the caves, there is a strange dancing worm-like creature named Z/cEV3$xA%xOs#cxJ. One can choose whether to leave it at peace, or to attack it with the Chainsaw effect. If the latter is done, the creature will scream in pain and will stop moving entirely. If you walk away from it in this state, the creature will immediately retaliate by running towards you and attacking, showing a fullscreen jumpscare. A scream will be heard and the creature will disappear.

Rise and Shine!

Good morning!

Location: Pop Tiles Maze

Description: This is more of a sub-area rather than an actual event. Once you get through the maze, you'll end up in the middle of a lake at nighttime. You can move freely while being here, but there's nothing much to see aside from some trees and the water reflecting the night sky above. As the music changes, the environment will drastically change; the trees will recover the color and the reflection of the night sky will now be replaced for a clear blue sky as the sun shines, implying that night has passed and the sun has risen. After a few seconds, the screen will begin to fade to white, eventually covering the entire screen. This will wake Urotsuki up.


Soaring through the night sky.

Location: Techno Condominium

Description: Traveling up every flight of stairs will lead to the rooftop of the Techno Condominium, where there doesn't seem like much to do. However, walking off the edge of it will have Urotsuki equip the Bat effect regardless of whether or not she has it, and then start an event similar to that of The Witch's Flight from the original Yume Nikki. A scene plays with her soaring through the night sky, and passing the moon allows her to access Cotton Candy Haven, with the scenery now dark. Doing this again with the dark rooftop leads back to the Techno Condominium connection.

Seishonen’s Glitched Room

Just another normal room.

Location: Urotsuki's Dream Apartments

Description: Thought of as Yume 2kki’s equivalent of Poniko. From Urotsuki’s room, go down the stairs and to the left should be another door, next to another set of stairs. Inside is Seishonen. Normally his room is bright green, but there is a 1 in 31 chance that upon entering it will become ‘glitched’. When it becomes glitched, the room’s colors become black and dark red and the entire room becomes distorted. Seishonen’s sprite becomes what appears to be a mass of eyeballs while bits of him and the room randomly flash around on screen. A black figure can also be seen occasionally walking just in view in a corner of the room before disappearing again. There is also a hidden exit to the Magnet Room in the top right corner. However, the Magnet Room's background music will not be present if entered from here.

Activating this event unlocks Kura Puzzle #41.

Screaming Forest

Why is everything so creepy now :(

Location: Bright Forest

Description: Triggered by interacting with a mushroom-like creature located at the east of this area, hidden between the trees. After interaction, static will intermittently cover the screen, before changing the area into a deteriorated version of itself, where the rainbow algae is replaced by red flowers and red, smiling faces. A red head can be seen rapidly moving in the background, while the static keeps appearing in the screen repeatedly. In this state, there's a 1/35 chance that the creepy music of the event changes instead to the Smiley Face DECK music, but only for a couple of seconds before reverting to the event track. Going back to the Solstice Forest or finding the cube that leads to the Rainbow Ruins stops the event and also unlocks Wallpaper #378.


So many secrets...

Location: Tricolor Room

Description: Yet again, this is more of a separate area than an actual event. If the current season is spring or summer, interacting with the chair upon killing the piano girl with the Child effect equipped will take you to a blue field known as the Serenade, where the music is determined by certain effects, most especially Stretch and Child. There's a light blue creature resting in a field of flowers somewhere in this area, equipping the Stretch effect and crying just a tile left of it will wake Urotsuki up.

Shadow Woman Forest

At least there's still a vending machine...

Location: Forest World

Description: If you chainsaw the sane Shadow Woman in Forest World, she’ll become insane and start to chase you, like a normal Shadow Woman. But if you make it to the Underground area and walk back out, you’ll find yourself in the Shadow Woman Forest, an essentially darker, eerier version of the Forest World. The entire world becomes black and red and infested with Shadow Women. The portal back to the Nexus turns into a giant red blob-like figure with one eye and the portals to other areas disappear. The only way to escape besides waking up or using the Eyeball Bomb effect is to walk back into the Underground area and then walk back out, which makes Forest World return to normal.

Activating this event unlocks Wallpaper #40 and Kura Puzzle #30.

The Shadow Woman's Lap

This is the life.

Location: Toy World

Description: After chainsawing the creature between the two buildings at the Day and Night Towers, Toy World will become infested with miniature Shadow Women. However, one southwest of the Red Brick Maze entrance is normal-sized and stationary. Interacting with her sends you to a unique area where you can sit on her lap. If Urotsuki is normal-sized, the Shadow Lady will grow bigger before catching you.

Sinister Smile

What a lovely smile you have.

Location: Decrepit Village

Description: You can encounter a sane Shadow Lady alone in one of the many houses in this area. Equipping the Grave effect will make her appear in a hostile stage, and interacting with her will show a close-up view of her face while smiling at you. She won´t attack you after this event, unless you attempt to chainsaw her, which will make her laugh and chase you, taking Urotsuki to an isolated room with wall clocks, mashing the door will let you escape though.

Spider Queen

Perhaps this is not a good idea...

Location: Spiders' Nest

Description: When you chainsaw the spider queen's egg sac, it will rouse the fury of the spiders and start chasing you. Getting caught by them, Urotsuki is cocooned, unable to do anything and forcing her to wake up.

Stargazing TV Channel

I would actually love to see this on my tv hehe...

Location: Nocturnal Grove

Description: There is a chance that after turning on the TV and sleeping in the bed inside the hidden cottage, you'll see what's airing on the TV: A single channel showing what appears to be a shooting star, the screen will flicker every now and then as static can be heard, pressing the interact button will put and end to this event. Exiting the cottage after seeing this will take you to the Midnight Lake.

Starry Night Event

This is so beautiful...

Location: Planetarium

Description: Located on the second floor of the Planetarium is a theatre filled with comfy seats. Urotsuki can take a seat in one of them to view the starry night sky above.

Strange Image

Ah yes, the distorted ghost channel.

Location: The TV room in Flying Fish World

Description: Near the potted plant that takes you to the Monochrome Eye is another one that leads the player to a small room featuring a run-down TV full of static while unsettling music plays in the background. Using the Telephone effect will cause the entire screen to be filled with it while an odd image slightly appears before going away. Turning down the volume is recommended, as the sound effect is very loud.

Surgical Ward's Facade

Huh, so you want to break the barrier too.

Location: Shop Ruins

Description: Equipping the glasses effect in the surgical ward will reveal that the doctor in charge of it is actually a monster in disguise. If you interact with the little poster in the wall while still having the glasses effect will send you to a hidden room where the real doctor is taking care of several heart containers scattered around the floor. Interacting with her will make Urotsuki step backwards a little before the screen cuts to black as a loud sound can be heard in the background. After this, the doctor will cover her face with her hands and all the heart containers will disappear except for the one she was carrying, which will be lying in the floor, exiting the room afterwards will reveal that the doppelganger has been brutally killed, with their blood smeared on the wall, forming what appears to be a heart, and the creature hanging from the ceiling is gone.

The Spider’s Web

Time to get used to new sleeping arrangements.

Location: Fairy Tale Path

Description: From the area of the Scenic Outlook where the Bug Girl guarding the pole is, go down the stairs to the left to enter a small forest area. Walk up the ladder and use either the Chainsaw or Bug effect to get rid of the spider blocking the doorway, then go through it. You’ll be taken to an area of the Bug Maze. Move forward to enter another area of the Bug Maze where there are lots of NPCs moving around and the music changes. If you move to the end of this area, you’ll see a huge spider above a spider web. It will then slowly wrap you in its web, eventually covering up the entire screen. After this event finishes, you’ll be taken back to the entrance of the Bug Maze, where you first entered from the forest area of the Scenic Outlook.

Traffic Accident

The beginning of a tragedy.

Location: Splash Streetway

Description: After falling down the cliff and going to the right, you'll end up in a crossroad, if you travel north from there, Urotsuki will make her "I can't do that" sounds, however, if you keep insisting on going north, there's a chance that you will actually trigger the event. The screen will abruptly fade to black, and the sounds of a traffic accident followed by the siren of an ambulance will be heard, then the screen will flash a picture of an empty version of the Sound Room very quickly. Afterwards, Urotsuki will wake up in her Balcony.

Urotsuki's Execution

Urotsuki dies a truly royal French death.

Location: Execution Ground

Description: By chainsawing any of the gray-faced figures in the Execution Ground and getting caught by the clown who chases Urotsuki as a result, Urotsuki will be taken to the guillotine room, with a fanfare sound before the execution. The audience will then jeer at Urotsuki before the blade falls on her, which will make the screen go red as an applause sounds, waking Urotsuki up with a start.

Vaporwave Event

Lo-Fi beats to relax/dream to.

Location: Virtual City

Description: Upon entering the karaoke lounge in Virtual City, enter the fourth room and interact with the girl wearing a spacesuit, this will trigger the event. The screen features a scrolling view of Earth from a grid moon while a lofi-synthwave song is playing. Interacting with the girl while the Spacesuit effect is equipped, will make a rover roll across the moon's surface.


How in the world did you even get there!?

Location: Urotsuki's Room

Description: If the player gets to see the Vision event (See below), they can choose to go to the Dream Room afterwards and sleep in the bed. This would usually not do anything, however, after waiting for a few moments, the screen will eventually fade to black.

Urotsuki will find herself standing on a chair surrounded by a purple wavering static. A distorted, crackling sound grows faster and faster as she stands in place, unmoving. After a few seconds pass, the screen cuts to her having become the shadow of herself from her visions, albeit not holding a chainsaw.

During this part of the event, the player has 2 options:

  • You can equip the Chainsaw Effect and proceed to attack yourself, just like in the Vision event, this will instantly end the event and wake you up in front of the TV.
  • If you go out of the room through the open door, you'll end up in an empty version of the Nexus. If you keep entering and exiting the room through this door, you'll eventually hear the classic "no signal" noise coming from the TV. Urotsuki will be looking up at the TV instead of looking down as usual. Interacting with the TV now will show the the Project Yume2kki logo, followed by an abnormally extended version of the Instructions screen. After a few seconds, the TV will show a blue screen and then start playing credits over images of flowers and the sky. After this, the "real" Urotsuki will be completely gone. Exiting to the empty Nexus once again will show that a construction sign has appeared, indicating that this event might be extended in the future. From here your only option is to wake up.

See also: Urotsuki's Room: Vertigo


Don't worry, they're just braiding Urotsuki's hair! (hopefully)

Location: Urotsuki's Room

Description: If the player has killed 50 NPCs (or any higher multiple of ten), there is a chance that upon waking up, Urotsuki will have a vision. The title theme music can be heard, playing slowly as a sound of a closing door can be heard. Urotsuki then appears in a purple-tinted room, sitting in front of her TV. Either a silhouette of herself or a Shadow Lady will appear behind her. Few moments later, the apparition will walk towards Urotsuki, causing her to wake up from her vision, as the room goes back to normal.

Wardrobe Face

The face behind its mask

Location: Board Game Islands

Description: Revealing the eye of the Dice effect and entering a certain sequence of houses, the player will find a wardrobe. Interacting with the wardrobe will cause it to open, Urotsuki will be turned into a child and pushed into the wardrobe. Inside she will find Kako's Mask that will reveal the face behind it.

The White Drooling Creature

Oh hey this creature looks nice- I take it back.

Location: Apartments

Description: A short full-screen event. The White Drooling Creature is found in the door on the first floor, second room from the left, the same room you’re transported to from the Library. Interacting with it causes numbers to wave about on screen for a few seconds while a loud sound plays, startling any unsuspecting players. After viewing this event, the creature will then begin to run around the room quickly.

Woman and the Mirror

No thanks!

Location: Ocean Storehouse

Description: In the red curtain room of the Ocean Storehouse, there is a 1/9 chance that interacting with the left door will trigger a static flash. Once the flash fades, a full-screen event will start that shows a red-walled room with a bizarre background. In this room, a woman sits in front of a mirror filled with static, twitching as unsettling music and chewing noises play.

Watching and Warning Sign

You have to stop guys, this is not how play tag works!

Location: Foggy Remnants

Description: If you either going north from the upside-down sword or northeast from the Thrift Shop entrance, the thick fog noticeably eases. However, with each attempt to move, you're compelled closer to an unidentified dead body beside the eyed warning sign. Upon making contact with it, four Shadow Birds converge from all directions, initiating a chase.

Following the triggering this event, if you manage to find all seven birds, interacting with a sword will turn Urotsuki into a hostile Shadow Gentleman.


Does being a face in the middle of nowhere get lonely?

Location: Magnet Room

Description: The Magnet Room houses the Zalgo event, which can be accessed by finding the fenced-off section of wall with a crevice in it, and heading directly south from the crevice's position in the wall. Continue south and run into the north face of the blue cube. It should push you over the barrier and into the enclosed area with the crevice. It is unclear what version the location of the teleporter in this room changed, however, you'll want to immediately begin traveling northwest, not southeast, as there is a limited time before Urotsuki is transported out of the area and dropped off at the Intestines Maze. Note that the Motorcycle effect cannot be equipped here, as well as the background changing hence its name. Interacting with the dark gray teleporter (located in a bloody area a good distance northwest of the entry point) will bring you into a black room with a large NPC and rain.

Interacting with the NPC unlocks Wallpaper #62.

???-tsuki and the Liar's Vision

???-tsuki and The Liar.

Location: Unknown Child's Room

Description: After sleeping several times in the bed of the child's room, you'll end in an alternate version of the room, with a puddle of blood where the child used to be, and a purple figure resembling The Liar near the door. If you step on the blood puddle, a glitch sound will play and a fullscreen event will trigger, showing the infamous number 28, along with images of ???-tsuki, The Liar and the Child itself. After this you'll end in a dark empty room with the child. If you meet very specific conditions, you'll be able to give the child a present, making it fade away as a beautiful and calming music plays, equipping the glasses effect will reveal that the present is actually a depressed 01-kun.

???-tsuki's Descent

???-tsuki slowly falling to her doom.

Location: The Second Nexus

Description: There is a pink blood puddle in ???-tsuki's balcony, interacting with it will make Urotsuki jump from the balcony. After this, a short cutscene will play in which ???-tsuki descends into a pit which starts of with red and cyan scribbles, followed by some hand-like elements, ending with a series of floating "280"s that, along with the background, get increasingly distorted towards the end. After this, Urotsuki will end up in a puddle of blood in Originator Garden. Interacting with the creature that spawns after this will unlock Menu Theme #36.

Variable #44 events

The variable #44 contains a randomized value between 0 and 255, which changes every time Urotsuki goes to sleep in Urotsuki's Room when awake or while dreaming in the bed located in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments. This allows many events to be obtainable only on certain dream sessions. Not every random event in the game uses this value, but knowing which events use this variable allows players to predict if other rarer events are currently active. The following sections list some events related to this variable.

Note that the TV and PC Background on Urotsuki's Dream Room uses a Separate Variable.

Nexus Background

Location: The Nexus

The nexus changes its color and design from gray if the value of Variable #44 is less than 128 to blue if is more than 128.

The color is also visible from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments through the curtain, allowing you to quickly check the color after rerolling from the bed.

As this is the easier to check event that uses the Variable #44, it's highly recommended to use this event as first indicator of the current value the variable #44 has.

Oni Musume

Location: Dark Room

Oni Musume will be reading a book if the value of Variable #44 is less than 128, or standing, looking at the bookshelf if the value of Variable #44 is 128 or higher.

Blue Forest's NPCs

Location: Blue Forest

When Variable #44 is less than 128, an odd snake-like monster called Hebiko will appear in the lower right clearing and can be reached by a path south of the bench.

Otherwise, you'll encounter a small boy sitting on a bench next to a clock similar to the one at the Nexus entrance to Garden World.

Position of the Rings

Location: Floating Brain World

The position of the ring-like object blocking the path to Spike Alley depends on whether the varaible #44 is less than 128 or not. Pole is lower if Variable #44 is lower, and is higher when it is equal or greater than 128.

Fox Woman at the Cottage

Location: Decrepit Village

If Variable #44 is less than 128, the woman will be seated in a rocking chair, knitting something; if it is above 128, the woman will be seen walking around with her cane, with the rocking chair unoccupied.

Squid in the Mines

Location: Mole Mine

A mole can be found at the east section of the northernmost dead end. If Variable #44 is equal to or greater than 128, the mole will instead be a squid.

Door to Board Game Islands

Location: Garden World, Bishop Cathedral

If the player has the Child effect, the door used to access Board Game Islands will appear in different areas depending on Variable #44. If Variable #44 is 126 or lower, it will appear in Garden World's daytime variant. If Variable #44 is 128 or higher, it will appear in Bishop Cathedral.

Color of the Painting

Location: Atelier

The painting that connects to the Duality Wilds is black on white if Variable #44 is 127 or higher.

Wizardly Cat

Location: Domino Constructions: Flag Room

If Variable #44 has a value 127 or higher, a red cat with a dark-blue wizard costume appears in the flag room.

Whereabouts of Megusuri Uri

Location: Visine World

The locations of Megusuri Uri depends on the remainder of Variable #44 divided by 3.

If Variable #44 is perfectly divisible by 3, he will be in the main area of Visine World. If there is a remainder of 1, he will be in the main room of the Eye Shop. Finally, if there is a remainder of 2, he will be in the same room as Hakoko.

As this event is easy to access, it's recommended to check this event to identify the possible values of Variable #44.

Mirror Room

Location: Mirror Room You can only reach this place if the Variable #44 has a remainder of 3 when divided by 5. Eyeball Bomb is recommended when checking the variable this way. As long as you have the effect, it's recommended to check this event to identify the possible values of Variable #44.

Shadow Lady at Vending Machine Factory

Location: Vending Machine Factory If the player's Variable #44 number has a remainder less than 2 when divided by 7, the shadow lady will not be at the counter.

Weather at Gray Road

Location: Gray Road

The weather of Gray Road will change depending on the last digit of Variable #44.

As this event is easy to access, it's recommended to check this event to identify the possible values of Variable #44.

  • If the last digit is 0 to 4, it will be sunny.
  • If the last digit is 5, it will be cloudy.
  • If the last digit is 6, the weather is weak rain.
  • If the last digit is 7, the weather is strong rain.
  • If the last digit is 8, the weather is medium rain.
  • If the last digit is 9, it will snow.

Antiquated Bathhouse

Location: Oblique Hell

If the player's Variable #44 number has a remainder less than 5 after being divided by 28, the staircase to Antiquated Bathhouse will appear.

Chocolate to Dark Room

Location: Chocolate World

If Variable #44 is 99 or lower, the Dark Room entrance will be dark and located on the northwestern dark circle. If it is between 100 and 199, it will be white and located on the northeastern white circle, north of the Forest World entrance. If it is 200 or higher, it will be mixed and located in the center, near the chocolate fountain.

Listening Creature

Location: Tricolor Room

If Variable #44 is 200 or higher, determined per dream session or by sleeping in the bed in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments, a small tooth-like creature with headphones will show up in the top-right corner of the room.

Girl at the Rooftops

Location: Sunset Rooftops

If Variable #44 is 200 or higher, a UFO will show up instead of the girl.

Blue Pushpin

Location: Thumbtack World

If Variable #44 is above 200, a blue pushpin will appear east of the blue gate.

Mouse's Friend

Location: Spiked Fence Garden

If Variable #44 is equal to or above 200, a blonde boy may be seen standing beside it, enjoying one of the fruits with the mouse.

The Gravekeeper

Location: Execution Ground

If Variable #44 is equal to or above 100, the Gravekeeper will appear.

Girl at the Twilight Park

Location: Twilight Park

The position of the girl at Twilight Park changes based on Variable #44. If Variable #44 is between 100 and 229, she will be sitting near the satellite creature. If equal to or greater than 230, she will be at the playground's swing set. Otherwise, she will not be present.

People at the Pool

Location: Water Reclamation Facility

The pool at the southeastern part has different NPCs based on Variable #44. If the variable is less than 64, there will be nobody present. Between 64 and 127, there will be a person washing their clothes. Between 128 and 191, a person will be sitting on the northern edge. If Variable #44 is equal to or more than 192, a corpse will be in the water.

Mysterious Maid

Location: Hospital, Train Tracks, Sky Kingdom, Construction Frame Building

After unlocking Wallpaper #107 by seeing at least one of the special interactions while in front of Ocean Floor's Puppet Show, Mysterious Maid will appear in one of four places based on Variable #44. If the variable is less than 64, she will be at Hospital's entrnace near the vending machine. Between 64 and 127, she will be at the Subway Underpass. Between 128 and 191, she will be near the Ecstasy World entrance of Sky Kingdom. If Variable #44 is equal to or more than 192, she will be in one of the rooms on the second floor in Construction Floor Building.

Pink Puni Rooms

Location: Cipher Fog World, Sound Saws World, Butter Rain World, Sherbet Snowfield

A Pink Puni that gives 15000 when interacted with can be found in one of four worlds depending on the current value of Variable #44. Each room that the Puni resides in matches the theme of the world it's located in, such as Cipher Fog World's room being filled with minecarts and railings, and Butter Rain World's room containing a buttery yellow flooring and cows within glasses of milk. In addition to this, an accessible Pink Puni Room will always be marked by the snowflake-like entrance symbol glowing pink instead of its usual gray, and it will only give profit once per dream session.

If the value of Variable #44 is less than 64, it can be found in Cipher Fog World. If the value is between 64 and 127, it will be in Sound Saws World. If the value is between 128 and 191, it will be in Butter Rain World. If the value is between 192 and 255, it will be in Sherbet Snowfield.


Location: Sprout World

Descending the staircase from the Gray Road, you'll come to a small room with a one-eyed creature sitting on a couch. Whenever you enter this room, it may have different poses depending on the current value of Variable #44. If the value is less than 20, it will be lying on the couch. If the value is between 20 and 179, it will be sitting on the couch, awake. If the value is between 180 and 229, it will be sitting on the couch, but sleeping. If the value is between 230 and 255, it will be sitting on the couch, sleeping, but with its head even lower.

The Changing Paintings

Location: Astronomical Gallery

There is a set of paintings hanging on the walls of the gallery, the picture they show changes if the value of Variable #44 is equal to or greater than 180. For more detailed information, see here.

V#44 Painting #1 Painting #2 Painting #3 Painting #4
0 ~ 179 AstroGallery Astral.png AstroGallery Tapir.png AstroGallery Painting3.png AstroGallery Moon.png
180 ~ 255 AstroGallery Galactic.png AstroGallery BlackHoleGirls.png AstroGallery NGrove.png AstroGallery PlanetariumPainting.png

Seishonen's Painting

Location: Seishonen's Room

A painting that usually contains a single Japanese character can be found in Seishonen's Room. The contents of this painting change depending on the current value of Variable #44, as shown in the following pictures.

As this event is easy to access, it's recommended to check this event to identify the possible values of Variable #44.

Missing Ninetails

Location: Red Lily Lake

If Variable #44 is exactly 6, Ninetails will not be present.

Strange Man

Location: Hospital

If Variable #44 is equal to or more than 10, a strange man with half a body appears.

Cat at the Condominium

Location: Techno Condominium

If Variable #44 is less than 31, the cat will be at the rooftop. Otherwise, the cat will be at floor 5.

Stack of Books

Location: Astronomical Gallery

There is a stack of books next to the owl at the entrance to Exhibition that only appears when varaible #44 is between 0 and 40.

Witch's Phonograph

Location: GALAXY Town

If Variable #44 is less than 66, a green witch with a phonograph will appear.

Gami the Cat

Location: Shadow Lady Estate

If Variable #44 is equal to or more than 80, a second cat named Gami will be laying on the bed next to Tiger.

Sleeping Hanako

Location: Misty Bridges

If Variable #44 is equal to or more than 120, a red-haired lady named Hanako will appear, sleeping near the left side of the lamp in the Lotus Lamp Room.

Portrait Collection

Location: Urotsuki's Dream Apartments

The portraits at the right wing that takes you to Portrait Collection is accessible only if Variable #44 is equal to or greater than 140.

As this event is easy to access, it's recommended to check this event to identify the possible values of Variable #44.

The Creature in the Well

Location: Abandoned Apartments

This creature is found in a well located in the first area of the Abandoned Apartments. It will only appear if the value of the Variable #44 is between 170 and 255 (33%). If the Variable has a value between 250 and 255, the creature will be red instead. Seeing this creature unlocks Wallpaper #245.

Ghostly Urotsuki

Location: Tapir-San's Place

If Variable #44 is equal to or greater than 196, a ghostly urotsuki will appear at the middle of the floor in the teal room.

Control Room

Location: Sanctuary

If Variable #44 is equal to or greater than 210, the door to the control room will be open.

Bleeding Smiling Creature

Location: Blob Desert

Upon exiting the cave where you arrive from Sugar Road, there will be two giant smiling creatures right next to each other. If Variable #44 Is 218 or above, the blue creature will have blood coming from its mouth.

Ghost at Ahogeko's House

Location: Ahogeko's House If your Variable #44 is greater than or equal to 222 and you manage to pull the lamp #44 times without triggering Aooh, a ghostly creature will appear on the couch.

Snowy Path

Location: Riverside Waste Facility

If Variable #44 has a value between 230 and 255 (9.8%), the path found before reaching the Undersea Temple will be covered with snow, the rain will be replaced with snow and the wooden arc will have a Christmas hat. Getting this event unlocks Wallpaper #264.

Yellow Orb

Location: Celestial Garden

If Variable #44 is equal to or more than 245, a faint yellow orb may be found.

Shrimp at the Laundromat

Location: Laundromat

If Variable #44 is equal to or more than 250, one of the washing machines has a shrimp inside instead of clothes.

Disappearance of Painter-kun

Location: Art Gallery

If Variable #44 is equal to or more than 254, Painter-kun will not be present.

Laughing Urotsuki

Location: Blue Streetlight World

If Variable #44 is between 43 and 58, A laughing Urotsuki can be found below the Foggy Remnants entrance.

Sad Urotsuki

Location: Pillar Ark

If Variable #44 is between 129 and 144, a sad Urotsuki can be found above the vending machine.

Disfigured Urotsuki

Location: Realm of Dice: Dice Hotel

In Room 2 of the Dice Hotel, if Variable #44 has a value between 151 and 162, a disfigured Urotsuki will appear.

Hat Horror Zone

Location: Realm of Dice

If Variable #44 has a value of either 153 or 154, a bent pylon can be found directly southeast of the entrance that transports one to the Hat Horror Zone upon interaction.

Game Money

Location: Retro Cartridge Game

The coins in Retro Cartridge Game gives money equal to the current Variable #44 value.

This is currently the only way of checking the exact value of Variable #44.

Butcher's Wrath

If you have visited the area at least 15 times and you have the three-legged Marginal effect equipped, there is a chance that, as you explore, the area will take on a red tint, with the background's movement and music accelerated. Additionally, the area will shake periodically with static flashes occurring. This event is more likely to happen when the value of the variable 44 is higher.

Every step you take in this area triggers an event, which generates two random numbers. One between 1 and 999.999 (X), and other between 600 and 800 (Y). Then, the event copies the current value of the variable 44 (V), substracts 257 and multiplies it by -1. Then, it multiplies the previous result with the random value Y. Finally, the random value X gets divided by the product of the previous multiplication. If the remainder of this division equals 0, the event gets triggered.

In conclusion, the highest the value of the variable 44, the highest the chance to trigger this event.

Additionally, the event will always trigger if the value of variable 44 is 257, but it's impossible to get this value without manually changing the variable.

Having Debug Mode activated completely disables the event.

Removed Events


The shrine's secret statue. Try saying that one five times fast!

Location: Scenic Outlook

Description: Previous versions of Valentine Land featured a way to get to the center of the plus-shaped area, which lead to the outside part of the bug shrine. Interacting with the gray pole here would transport you to a looping, gray hallway with a statue seen in other locations. Interacting with it leads to a cutscene in which Urotsuki is taken to all of the places featuring the structure before finally stopping at another location with a gray statue bearing the resemblance of her. Touching it turned the real her gray, and then she would wake up.


Yeah, think I'll put that book back on the shelf.

Location: Library

Description: This event was only present in some of the earliest versions of the game, around version 0.035. In the Library, there was a door on the wall that would take you to a small room, then a hallway featuring what appear to be monochromatic dolls while ominous music plays (an early mix of ym2-20-chiukoushin). Going through the door on the other end leads to a sole, bloody bookcase with very strange music that can still be heard in game (ym2-18_nounai_matusyou). Interacting with it causes the screen to go back, and then a red face appears after a few seconds, accompanied by a strange horse sound, causing the player to wake up. This event is named after the file name of the face's picture, which is surprisingly still kept in the game's files despite being entirely removed more than a decade ago due to it getting a bad reception. Video here.


Urotsuki learns to not mess with light switches.

Location: Hidden Shoal

Description: Older versions of the cone-shaped house in the Hidden Shoal featured a larger room with a crude art style bearing a slight resemblance to that of Poniko's from the original Yume Nikki. Interacting with the light switch has a 1/45 chance of starting an event known as Not!Uboa, due to its similarities to the event from the original game. Interacting with the red monster that has replaced the blond girl sends the player to a black screen with the people from the posters surrounding them, before a gunshot is heard and Urotsuki wakes up. The map can still be found by using the Debug Mode.

Red Bug Maze

Get me out get me out get me out!

Location: Bug Maze

Description: This event only happens when you use the Hand Hub entrance, and has been removed of 0.106g. Upon entering, there’s a random chance you’ll enter a creepier version of the maze. The entire maze turns red and the music changes to a low, disturbing gurgling noise. The maze becomes filled with Evil Bugs that block any portals to other worlds. Getting caught by one transports you to an isolated area with a Venus flytrap, the same place you get transported to if you get caught by the Bug Girl at the Scenic Outlook

Where Are You Going?


Location: Crazed Faces Maze

Description: Based on the "Who are you running from?" Gameboy Camera Easter Egg, this event was implemented in version 0.114g Patch 4, and removed the version after. Upon entering the unblocked path next to the clown face, a montage of creepy faces with text reading "Where are you going?" is shown before going away. This was not accessible from the red version of the world.

Here is a Youtube video of the event.