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    Yume 2kki:Lost Forest

    Lost Forest
    Lost forest.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone

    WP #695

    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Reef Maze LockedCondition🔐
    Ink Forest
    Found Forest

    BGM namedude_welcometothelostforest (Main area) (No. 616)
    namedude_indoors (His House) (No. 617)
    namedude_indoors_distant (His room)
    Map ID 2226, 2227
    Version Added 0.120d patch 7
    Last Updated 0.123b patch 10
    Primary Author Namedude
    Contributing Author(s) Nakatsu

    Lost Forest is an area accessible from the Reef Maze.

    Annotated map of the Lost Forest.


    Lost Forest is a thick, monochrome woodland with a depressing atmosphere, devoid of color aside from the few NPCs residing within it. Found within the area are scattered rocks, patches of white dandelion puffs, and white spider NPC which produce cat-like sounds upon interaction. Sheets of paper can also be found on the ground, which display crudely-drawn illustrations upon interaction. Also found in the area are gray, ghostlike creatures; interacting with them will briefly show a close-up of their face in a glitched manner.

    Immediately south from the entrance, you can find a green, humanoid figure sitting on the ground, crying. They do not react to any effect and appear to be inconsolable. Interacting with them will show an animated close-up of their sad face.

    Northeast from the entrance, you can find a one-eyed NPC with blue skin, similar to the one found dead in the prior area. Interacting with them will cause a colorful, glitched figure to materialize behind them briefly before they are turned into bright green NPC holding a red solo cup, one of many seen in the upcoming House sub-area.

    Going south instead and following the path east will lead to a white door, depicting a clock. Interacting with the door will transport Urotsuki to Found Forest.

    By following a dark gray, southeast path in the forest, you'll find a large, green, cubic structure with solid white eyes and a large opening, taking you to the aforementioned sub-area. Exiting from here may sometimes cause a rabbit to appear nearby. The path below this area leads to a dark silhouette which will bring Urotsuki to Ink Forest upon interaction.

    His House

    This area appears to be a house set during a party, where chairs are seen scattered about. Numerous bright green NPCs are seen socializing whilst holding red solo cups, some of which are seen spilled onto tables with a purple liquid. Other rooms are found here including a bathroom, of little importance.

    Proceeding further into the house, you'll enter a room where the music has been muffled, where a bluish-gray NPC is wandering around within a bedroom with a computer desk. Interacting with this NPC will show a close-up of his face where his eye is seen shaking. Doing this will trigger a cutscene wherein the same glitched NPC from Lost Forest will materialize behind Urotsuki before the screen cuts to black, and a heavily distorted image, presumably someone standing over a body, is shown alongside a loud noise. After this, a scene will play wherein one of the partygoers is seen after being brutally murdered, before showing the blueish-gray NPC in a bloodied state with a remorseful expression and a sharp object in his hand. A black screen with "???" will follow, before the screen cuts to black again.

    Afterwards, the player will be dropped back off into Lost Forest in front of the vending machine.