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Yume 2kki:Oriental Lake

Oriental Lake
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Mizūmi Sanbashi
Lake Pier



Events None
Notable NPCs Kutourufu
Connecting Areas

Clay Statue World
Emerald Cave
Birch Forest


進退感_anon (No. 404A)
bgm-b (Pagoda) (No. 304B)

Map ID 0777
Version Added 0.109b
Author ROKU95

The Oriental Lake is an area accessible from Clay Statue World.

Map of the Oriental Lake
Map of the Pagoda


This area is a series of disjointed islands and bridges over a lake. The scenery is dim, with dried grass surrounding the stone paths. The islands eventually give way to long stone bridges, with multiple dead ends. A few strange and colorful NPCs linger around the islands and in the water.

In the northern part of the lake is a peninsula with two pillars that lead to Birch Forest at its furthermost point.

Directly west along the stone bridge is a brown clay statue with several splotches, which upon interaction will take Urotsuki to Clay Statue World.

In the southeastern corner of the area, one can find a pagoda, in which the interior is a straightforward condensed building with various murals and purple carpets decorating the area. There is a tunnel at the end of the area that leads to the Emerald Cave.

At the southwest corner of the area is a bright blue blob which stretches upwards and sits on a tiny stone island across from the bridge.