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Yume 2kki:Birch Forest

Birch Forest
121 Patch 1 Forest.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Shirakaba no Mori
White Birch Forest


EffectRed Riding Hood

Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Ornamental Plains
Sign World
Oriental Lake
Magnet Room NoReturn
Thumbtack World


Yuri_Drone (No. 325F)
n3-NaT (Chaser Gallery Area) (No. 314I)

Map ID 2145, 2196


Annotated map of the Birch Forest

The Birch Forest is an area accessible from Ornamental Plains.


Birch Forest is an open, looping field populated by many tall birch trees. It's set against a black panorama with a scrolling green splatter. Heading away from the entrance, a pair of statues, the trees become more sparse. In some areas, the world appears completely devoid of trees save for some small patches.

Northeast of the entrance is a grey sign with a neutral expression, which leads to Sign World.

South of the entrance and slightly left, there's a standard red vending machine and bench. East of the vending machine is a pair of statues, and going through them leads to Oriental Lake. Slightly west of the vending machine is a patch of trees. Heading up into the center of them reveals a short birch tree. Oddly enough, it has a single apple, and interacting with it causes the apple to wobble, granting the Red Riding Hood effect if it has not been obtained.

South of the vending machine is an empty portrait. Interacting with it fades the screen to black and plays a falling noise and eventually a loud thud, dropping you in a dark, looping gallery with numerous chasers and paintings with unusual smiling faces displayed in a grid pattern. Constant child-like laughter can be heard. The chasers are immune to Invisible and Crossing. Getting caught sends you to the Zalgo event in the Magnet Room and thus works as a one-way connection.

Two white portraits can be found in the gallery, one column apart from each other. To reach either, head 11 columns to the left or right of the starting position. Successfully interacting with one of the white portraits plays the sound of a bell and illuminates the area, then causes a cutscene to play, showing that the portrait in the main area of Birch Forest is now white. This cutscene only plays once. Shortly after the cutscene, the player is forced to wake up. Backtracking to the portrait in the main area of Birch Forest and interacting with it now brings the player to Thumbtack World. While the Glasses effect is equipped, the portrait reverts to an empty one, which will take you back to the chaser area.