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Yume 2kki:Pancake World

Pancake World
Pancake world.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)





WP #329

Events None
Notable NPCs Pancake Girl
Connecting Areas

Wooden Block World
Mackerel Desert
Cheesecake Mountain


bgm-j_m (No. 111B)
aediorugap ルボコチョ (Dinosaur Abode) (No. 658A)

Map ID 1621, 1627
Version Added 0.116g
Author aediorugap

Map of Pancake World with annotated paths

Pancake World is accessible from interacting with the tall stack of pancakes in Wooden Block World south west from the entrance.


Pancake World is, true to its name, a maze comprised of pancakes - some buttered - connected by double-ended forks and knives. It is populated sparsely by walking stacks of pancakes with eyes. A girl with a stack of pancakes on her head can be found here, who reacts to the Cake effect with a deathly glare.

There is what appears to be a fish lodged onto one of the pancakes that will take you to Mackerel Desert upon interaction. A plant-like object with eyes can be found here as well, which will bring you to a sub-area of Pancake World called the Dinosaur Abode, a small area filled with purple creatures resembling dinosaur heads that move around the map rapidly. They react as usual to the Crossing and Chainsaw effects.

Going south from the entrance, then taking the first east, heading north and west, and taking the first southern exit leads to an small NPC resembling cheesecake walking around. Interacting with it takes Urotsuki to Cheesecake Mountain.